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I am the DeistCosmos. I have made a few pages, including

Cuban Thaw

Deistic evolution


I Do Believe (The Highwaymen song)

Raphael Lataster

Michael Arnheim

Crisis actor

Your Scripture is not the Truth[edit]

For purposes of putting out an evenhandedly informative encyclopedic endeavor, your Bible is not the Truth. Your Quran is not the Truth. Your Vedas, your Book of Mormon, your Talmud, these things are not the Truth.

As encyclopedically framed, these things are literature and anthropological artifacts. They are not history or sources of history. They are not truths. They are not facts.

Additionally, no one religion's scripture is any more true or important than any others. They are in fairnesss entitled to exactly equal treatment, no more, no less. And in this spirit, everybody's religious beliefs must be weighed as equally probable or improbable on their face. As encyclopedically framed, claims of each scripture are liable to be subject to the same scrutiny that like claims from every other scripture would be subject to. As encyclopedically framed, there is simply no reliable evidence of any specific supposedly supernatural or miraculous events occurring in the time before history became a fastidiously objective discipline -- in other words, anything more than a few decades out is dismissible as naturally occurring coincidences or miscomprehensions of natural events at best, invented fairy tales and pure charlatanry at worst.

These points may seem provocative, even harsh; this is because some measure of pointedness is often needed to awaken people to the facts as comprehensible to an encyclopedic endeavor. No matter how strongly held their belief, no matter how heartfeltedly they pray to Shiva or worship Allah or revere Jesus or study the Talmud, no amount of faith operates to lift a religious belief to the level of credibility sufficient for it to be accorded any different treatment from that accorded to the believers in Osiris and Thor and Quetzlcoatl, nor is claimed prophecy entitled to more consideration than the Oracles of Ancient Greece or the scribbling of Nostradamus, nor may any asserted miracle be treated as more truthful than the tale of Prometheus surviving the nightly tearing out of his liver, as puishment for stealing fire from the gods.

As encyclopedically framed, these things may be reported as myths, traditions, matters of cultural belief. But not as facts.

Criticism of religion[edit]

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