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itQuesto utente è di madrelingua italiana.

en-3This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.

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la-1Hic usor simplici latinitate contribuere potest.

Stargate-color.png This user is keen of science fiction, especially Stargate, Star Trek, Firefly and Star Wars.
Celtic rond chien.jpg This user is keen of fantasy, especially J. R. R. Tolkien, M. Moorcock, U. Le Guin.
Pentax istDs pancake.jpg This user is keen of photography and he owns a Pentax *ist DS camera.
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Dario de Judicibus

My interests are: photography, programming, computer graphics, martial arts, arcery, playing guitar. I like to read and to write, surfing Internet and visit other countries. I have a beautyful daughter and I am really fond of her, even if, being divorced, I see her less than I wish. I have a sweet wife and some real friends. So I'm lucky, even if life was not always easy, sometimes painful. In any case, it is worth to live it.

Dario de Judicibus
More information can be found
in his portal or on his blog L'Indipendente.

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Rather than genealogy, I would speak of family history and heraldry. When you go so far back in time — I mean, more than a millenium — there is no hope to reconstruct a complete family tree. On the other hand, the family name itself is not enough to ensure two people belong to the same family.

So what? Well, the only way is to try to reconstruct pieces of a family tree, branches, by verifying that two people lived in the same house, shared the same properties, are stated to be relative in notarial acts, and so forth. Furthermore, rather than the coat of arms, it is the family motto that is relevant to trace a family tree.

So I tried to identify connections among branches, migrations, parentships with other families. It was a 20 years old researches that allowed my father and me to find more than 600 people from 954 a.C. until today. Nothing is definitive, everything can and will change. Anyway, you can find a complete bibliography in my site. But, be aware: it will be a long, long trip...

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The Dictionary Team is a group of volunteers whose objectives is to deploy a multi-language culture across the Internet. Each member is responsible for a national site which contains various linguistic resources and information. Each site provides visitors with a local version of the Dictionary Program, a freeware tool designed to display bilingual dictionaries created by the volunteering contribution of users. All dictionaries are freeware and can be used for personal purposes, not commercial ones. They are distributed under the Creative Commons license.

Another tool, Unicode Dictionary, allows to display also non-Latin scripts, and monolingual dictionaries. This viewer was developed by Borland C++, by using the wxWidgets portable libraries, and can be potentially ported to Linux and Mac too, but I have not found yet somebody available to support me to port it on those platforms.

The Italian site contains more than 90 dictionaries from and to Italian language. There are multi-ethnical and ethnical dictionaries, specialized glossaries (e.g. astronomy, photography), ancient languages (e.g. Italic languages. Site is in Italian only. There is a brief English summary, anyway.

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I am a writer since 80's. I began by writing on Italian computer magazines MC Microcomputer and Internet News. Then I wrote articles on other magazines and Italian newspapers too (about 250 articles). I published five books: two essays about Internet, two essays of psycology, and a novel of fantasy, the first of a trilogy.


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I began to take pictures when I was eight years old. Now I am 53. I take any kind of pictures, but I prefer animals and bodies. I am not a professional. My first camera was a Petri Reflex. Then I had a Pentax ME Super, a Pentax MZ-5, and now I own a Pentax *ist DS. I like Pentax.

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