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Became fed up with Wikipedian nonsense after authoring over 500 articles including GAs and an FA. Currently thriving at IMDb, an organized, information-friendly project. I'm happy to see that the bigots are proving the biased, subjective nature of the user-created guidelines by deleting my work now. I'd have done it myself before leaving, but I was never interested in trolling/POV-warring, only in contributing sourced, objective information. Each red link you see below represents a well-sourced article on a film recognized by the main Pink Film awards ceremony. These were targeted for deletion by openly biased editors who create and contribute to totally unsourced articles on obscure, far less notable U.S. subjects such as unreviewed paperback short story anthologies. Western scholarship-- but not Wikipedia-- now recognizes the Pink film as a major Japanese film genre indispensable to a discussion of Japanese cinema. Academy-award winner Yōjirō Takita and Sōjirō Motoki (producer of many of Akira Kurosawa's classic films) are just two of the notable film personnel who have worked in this genre, now effectively banned from Wikipedia by a few bigoted, puritanical, and culturally myopic editors. Because there is no editorial oversight here, and the lunatics are running the asylum-- rather than just submitting data for professionals to review and accept or decline-- this is exactly how Wikipedia has been set up to work. So, trolls: Stay here and continue creating bias to your myopic little hearts' content; but anyone interested in actually helping create an objective source of information: Don't waste your time at Wikipedia.

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