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Tut tut Mark from MO. A person as intelligent as you should realize that language is irrelevent. Only thought truly makes up a lifeform, wheather it be sentience, cognitive, or independent. Why look on any grain of sand on any beach in the world and would would find (with microscopic image technology or super sight if one has such) that each one harbors its own life. Essentially, the universe is a beach. We are just one grain of sand on that beach. And the sea, is just what our universe has yet to expand upon.

And to you Daylo from USA, saying God has to do with our doing incredible things and his actual involvement are two different things. We has no actual proof a Supreme being existed, and even if one did, would that not be a reason to assume an even Greater being created him, granting His unimaginable and unhindered powers to create, imagine, and explore? That would be almost as crazy as to say that there is other life out there, because we have no actual proof that life does. Maybe microscopic life, but that nearly on par as religion. Taking the tiniest sign and constructing a grand idea, write a few books, and soon you've got a following. Science and Religion both preach a gospel. Communication and substance equal truth, not words and ideas. But then Mankind didn't get where he is today by just touching himself and waiting for something to happen did he?

-Brandon O'Farrill aka Dekubobo

-comment posted on cosmic log at