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Super Summary Delay Analysis Method Baseline Programme The Super Summary method of delay analysis is used when the baseline programme used in the Contract is unfit for delay analysis. Super Summary Method The method is very simple to apply because it cuts across the complexities to be found in other methods such as Impacted as Planned or Time Impact Analysis. The sequence of the analysis is set down on a clean chart using the same calendars as the Contract Programme. Isolate the section of the programme that is impacted by a delay event and set it into the time scale. Above this put in place a single bar that represents all the Up Stream predecessors from date of commencement to be linked (FS) to the start of Impact Section. Below this put in place a single bar that represents all the Down Stream predecessors to the contract completion and linked from the Impact Section (FS). This provides an accurate representation of the relationship of the Impact Section to the rest of the programme. Save this chart as the As Planned sequence. Place a new bar above the Impacted Section and fix it in place to represent the duration of the delay event. Link the delay event bar to the Impacted Section and reschedule to demonstrate the entitlement period for an extension of time. The system can be applied for any number of delay events and will clearly demonstrate direct cause and effect in each case.


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