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My major contributions are historical United States Census population data for cities and towns (and boroughs and villages and townships and any other form of municipality).

I have also done a good amount of vandalism reversion. User:ClueBot_NG is absolutely amazing for a lot of vandalism, but machine learning and natural language processing is still a long way away from catching more subtle ma hote woo lar laie ter

Areas of Expertise/Knowledge[edit]

  • Cryptography, in particular lattice-based cryptography (I have a PhD in computer science focused on lattice-based cryptography). Disclosure: I am currently employed by NIST as a cryptographer, but any edits I make on Wikipedia do not reflect the views or opinions of the United States government, and to the best of my ability, do not reflect any point of view at all, in accordance with Wikipedia policy.
  • Judaism


My Contributions

Historical Census Population Data[edit]

I am currently working on getting historical census population data (using the Template:US Census Population template) up for all incorporated places in the United States. Currently, I have completed

CenPop Script[edit]

Unfortunately, compiling data can't really be automated much because the Census files (for years before 1990) are in the form of scanned prints, and the quality of these files is not good enough to trust OCR, at least of the quality I have access to.

However, to aid in adding the compiled data to Wikipedia, I've written User:DemocraticLuntz/CenPop which is a modification of the AutoWikiBrowser script by User:joeyjte50. It can be run (at least for me) at Project:CenPop/Script

Fortune 1000 Companies[edit]

I have also been working on adding and improving articles (mainly stubs because I don't have sufficient reliable sources for more full-length articles) on those Fortune 1000 (and other very large) companies currently missing from Wikipedia.