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Purdue student. Graduated from Lawrence North High School in 2002.

Ooh tags.. in no order.. it's late and i need to go to bed.

So I found boxes.. and can't care to figure out how to to \n's

INFP This user's MBTI type is INFP.


C-3 This user is an advanced C programmer.

asm-1 This user is a beginning assembly language programmer.

c++-1 This user is a beginning C++ programmer.
Java-2 This user is an intermediate Java programmer.
Mathematica Logo.svg-1 This user is a beginner Mathematica programmer.
Perl-1 This user is a beginning Perl programmer.
php-3 This user is an advanced PHP programmer.
HTML-4 This user is an expert HTML user.
mysql This user writes programs that access MySQL.
SQL This user uses SQL queries to locate their car keys.
xml-3 This user is an advanced XML coder.
xslt This user is an XSL Transformations programmer.
prog-x This user is merely a humble programmer.

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This user has set foot in 4 countries of the world.