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I spend a lot of time researching and adding references to articles, especially to the List of visual kei bands and associated articles. My hope is to find references, get the information on the page, and allow other editors to do the polishing. I consider this page a help page for other editors, so I have a lot of references here. Feel free to use this page as a reference page.

Future Projects:

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How to Search for Guidelines
One of the hardest parts of being a new editor is learning wikipedia policies and guidelines. What is even harder is FINDING them! If you click on the magnifying glass on the upper left hand side of any wikipedia page, you'll be taken to an advanced search page. To search for policies and guidelines, add your key words, and then uncheck Articles, Users, and Talk Pages. You want to search "Wikipedia". This is completely counter-intuitive, but that is how you search for the policies, guidelines, and manuals of style which are so important.

Online Sources for Japanese Music Related Articles: