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My wikimood, as of 06:18, 31 July 2014 (UTC).
Denelson83's characteristics
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This is Denelson83, from 49°41′34.8″N 124°59′49.5″W / 49.693000°N 124.997083°W / 49.693000; -124.997083 (WGS 84), Courtenay, British Columbia. I preferred to keep my name red, even on special pages, so this page remained in limbo for quite a long time. The loss of this non-restorable quality makes me feel a little withdrawn sometimes.

SM (not S&M!) is one of my passions, but since publicly discussing it embarrasses me significantly (which you would already know if you correctly determined the two-digit number in my username to be my year of birth), I have developed a shorthand system to address that embarrassment. If you wish to talk to me about SM, you must use this shorthand system.

After three attempts, I have finally made it into the admin club. I withdrew my first request on July 1, 2005, after conceding that the request for comment against me was indeed too recent. My second admin nomination was rejected.

My edit summary protocol for typo/grammar fixes

[a] denotes added text.
(a→b) denotes changed text.
<b> denotes erased text.


After discovering the Inkscape SVG editor, I've been pretty active on the Commons, uploading new vector images, mostly of flags. My user page on the Commons has a gallery of those flags that I have contributed to date. I now track national flags on this page.

State sorting

Whenever working with lists of points in the United States, I sort the states and territories into a fixed geographical order.

Rolling Rs

Quite simply, I can't do it. It seems I have a stiff tongue.

Revision monitoring

No revisions being monitored at this time.