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"I lead because you choose to follow, not because I know where I'm going."Nikola Tesla
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Dennette is the name my mother gave me (my full name is Dennette Arthur Harrod, Jr.), and the screen name I most commonly use on the Internet, although back in the 1970s and 1980s I was known as The Wiz.[1] In 1984 I embraced Islam and took the name Abu Hurairah (Father of Kitten).[2]

I have been active on the Internet since my first ARPANET E-mail account at Xerox in 1976. I have purchased Life Memberships in the following organizations:

For more information about me, just Google "Dennette".[4]

You might say that I'm one of the most famous people about whom you've never heard ... "I'm world famous in Japan" :-)

I'm a recovering suicide survivor (from the age of 15), and for the past quarter century, my Motivational Imperative has been:


— Die broke.

Dennette Arthur Harrod, Jr.
Dennette with a fellow Mensan, Mensa International Vice-president Isaac Asimov (Rochester, NY, 1981)
Born (1950-02-17)February 17, 1950
Washington, D.C.
Pen name The Wiz
Occupation Software imagineer
Nationality United States United States


  1. ^ I've been known as Syzygy in Active Worlds since 1999.
  2. ^ My evil twin, known as Father of Orphans (a.k.a. "Widow-maker"), is "Strange Fruit" … in Dungeons & Dragons parlance, my alignment is Chaotic Neutral … a bodhisattva.
  3. ^ "Being in Mensa means never having to tell anyone your IQ." :-)
  4. ^ After three decades of postings, I'm also at the top of the list on MSN, Yahoo!, and pretty much all of the other major search engines.