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Dep. Garcia's - Help Desk

Welcome to Dep. Garcia's Help Desk, here you can find information & useful links, aswell as how to seek help from other editors and what to do if it gets really bad! I hope you find this page useful, if you do, tell me on this article's talk page. If you dont find it useful, please still tell me, and tell me how you would like to see it improved. If you need help tell me on my talk page or scroll down to the section where it says Still need help? ask another editor! and that will give you more help on what to do.

There are currently 5,446,848 articles on the English speaking Wikipedia. Is your article one of them?

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The links you may be needing are listed below:

Useful links: General Help[edit]

Introduction to Wikipedia

Tutorial to Wikipedia

Wikipedia's Help Page

Wikipedia's Help Desk Alot more detailed than this "Help Desk"

Wikipedia's New Contibutors' Help Page Often called "newbie help page"

How to log in

What do certain wikipedia terms mean?

Department directory Wikipedia by department

Discuss certain matters at the Village Pump

Useful links: Article help[edit]

If your looking for Wikipedia's Deletion Policy Information Click here

How to edit an; Article; Userpage, etc...

What exactly is an article?

How an article is laid out and presented

How to contribute to Wikipedia

Neutral Point of View & What Wikipedia is not[edit]

What you cannot write in a wikipedia article

Adhere to a Neutral point of view in all articles. Point of View: Sometimes abbreivated as, "POV". NPOV means Neutral Point of View.

Page History, Edit Summary Information & Page moves[edit]

What is, and how do I view the page history?

How to write an edit summary N.B. Please always provide an edit summary!

How to move a page Do not use the copy & paste method, the page move method is far better!

Research & sources in articles[edit]

Do not include original research in articles Original research is a term used in Wikipedia to refer to material that has not been published by a reliable source.

But also make sure that the facts can be verified this means that any reader should be able to check that material added to Wikipedia has already been published by a reliable source.

How to get the most out of a reliable source Sometimes it is better to have no information at all than to have information without a source

Citing Wikipedia How to cite a wikipedia article

Feedback Requests[edit]

Request to have another Wikipedian review your article Where articles you have created can be reviewed and you will be notified of any improvements that need to be done.

Useful links: Talk page help[edit]

If your looking for How to deal with Personal Attacks on talk pages, Click here

Find out about talk pages

Always be polite, even if its a raging vandal

Remain Civil on talk pages

How to archive your talk page

How to make subpages on your namespace

Signature Related[edit]

How to fix your signature How to make colourful signatures like mine: Dep. Garcia (Talk) (Help Desk)

Remember to sign your posts on talk pages

What you can and can't have as your username

Useful links: Reverting vandalism[edit]

What to do if you see vandalism

Get your pages watched by others

Dealing with Vandalism[edit]

How to clean up vandalism yourself

How to deal with the vandal who won't stop

Do not insult the vandals As this will provoke them more

You can also use the "Vandalism" box on the right, for more help.

Useful links: Resolving disputes and personal attacks[edit]

How to resolve that dispute fairly

What to do if someone attacks you Not physically, but on talk pages & articles.

You can also use the "Dispute Resolution" box on the right, for more help.

Useful links: Questions & contacting Wikipedia[edit]

Where to ask questions

Frequently Asked Questions

And if the worst comes to the worst, you can always contact Wikipedia here

Useful links: Troubleshooting, tips & templates[edit]

To see the Tip of the Moment Click here

Troubleshoot that really annoying problem!

Need tips? Get them here

Find out: how to...

Find the templates you need to use

Wikipedia's Reference Desk for knowledge questions that you can't find the answer to in the encyclopedia. (e.g. Did Leonardo da Vinci build a working flying machine?)

Useful links: Multimedia help[edit]

Overall image and media help

How to upload and what to do with images

How to use images According to: Wikipedia Image Use Policy

How to insert pictures into articles

Copyright Issuses & Tags[edit]

Certain issues about copyrighting

Get copyright tags for those images

Useful links: Account Settings help[edit]

Have your account just how you want it

Information: About Wikipedia[edit]

Need to know how Wikipedia was formed? Find out here

Information about us - The Wikipedians

Who writes Wikipedia? This is the place to find out

Wikipedia even has its own article.

Information: Research[edit]

How to get the information you want, when you need it!

Need help looking up an article?

Information: Deletion Policy[edit]

If your looking for how to delete userpages, talk pages & subpages: see below

Why your article may be deleted

Discuss whether an article should be deleted

Why some pages are deleted "On sight"

Article that a that are being proposed for deletion

Help, my article got nominated for deletion!

Userpage Help[edit]

How to create & edit your user page

User Page Help

Various message to go on your userpage

Userspace Deletion[edit]

To Delete your Userpage & Talk Pages add: {{db-userreq}}

To Delete your subpages add: {{db-owner}}

Still need help? ask another editor![edit]

If you still don't know what to do or your still stuck with "how to write your article in Neutral Point of View (NPOV)" ask another editor - he or she will help you along and make sure you have no other worries or problems.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Ask me on my talk page, since you may probably already know me, it will be easy for you to talk to me, and if you don't know me, dont worry I dont bite!
  2. Place {{helpme}} on your user talk page with your question underneath, and someone friendly will be along shortly to help you!
  3. Ask one of my recommended administrators:
  • Glen S - My most recommended admin, gets things done quickly, accurately, very helpful & polite

Tip of the Moment[edit]

Tip of the moment...
Article development

Newly created articles are checked for obvious problems by members of the New pages patrol. These editors collaborate to identify articles which do not meet the criteria for inclusion and/or to tag them for any glaring issues that need attention. Article classification codes are assigned (on the article's talk page) based on an assessment of the article's quality. The assessment class codes may be updated by any contributor as the article is improved.

Typically, an article may begin with a Stub-class or Start-class code and is upgraded to C-class, then B-class as the article becomes more complete. Next, an article is submitted to the peer review process to receive ideas and feedback from other editors. Upon successful completion of the peer review, an article may then be nominated for GA-Class (Good Article) status.

Articles achieving GA status are candidates for FA-Class (Featured Article) status. Examples of featured articles are viewable daily at Wikipedia's Main Page.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd-random}}

Picture of the Day[edit]

Picture of the day
Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation are a series of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula initially photographed in 1995. They are so named because the depicted gas and dust, while being eroded by the light from nearby stars, are in the process of creating new stars. Shown here is a 2011 rephotograph, which was unveiled in 2015 as part of the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary celebrations.

Photograph: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team
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