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Photograph of red poppies and derelict house
Spring poppies, Samos, Greece

On Wikipedia and other wild and crazy human pastimes[edit]

Wikipedia has got to be one of the most interesting evolutionary experiments, pretty close in significance to those little algae that we owe the atmosphere to...

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Interests, and occasionally, expertise ...[edit]

Environmental sustainability - are we going to make it??

Philosophy - does it matter if we do?

Cultural Studies - well for sure we'll have fun trying ...

Psychology - at least I'll keep my little bit of the world under control

Social policy, housing and homelessness - cause wouldn't it be better if we all had a place to call home?

Mind-body practices and dance improvisation - just for the sheer, unadulterated pleasure of it.

I'd also like to generally help with citations and clarity of expression in random places and thank the gods for whoever does me the same favour - i might venture to say that it takes a village to raise a piece of good writing ... (or a lot more hard work on your own).

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