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I go to Cal Poly Pomona and I am taking KIN412 Movement Anatomy and Kinesiology. This is the second part in Kinesiology after KIN402 Biomechanical Kinesiology.

The textbooks I am using for this class are Manual of Structural Kinesiology, Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement, and Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas.


I enjoy playing all different kinds of sports. I enjoy playing basketball in particular. I try to play basketball as much as I can. If I am not at school or at home, I am most likely at the gym working out or playing basketball. I like hanging out with my friends and going out to places. I like to play video games. The NBA 2k series is the best sports video game. My psn is der3201, come challenge me.



American Football


nba 2k


I am pretty open-minded to all types of music, but I like to listen to R&B the most. My ipod is pretty much full of Hip Hip and R&B music, but I listen to other types once in a while. My favorite artists include: Trey Songz, Drake, Lil' Wayne.


I like to play basketball , baseball , golf , football. I enjoy playing basketball the most.