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As a test I will try to create a reasonable page about myself

While I am at it I think I will try to post a few questions that I have. In case anyone with an answer happens by.

1. I created an article using what I believe is the most straight forward and most likely searched name. I later discovered a red link that should be directed to this page, anyone care to chime in on the best way to do this?

Why I Created an Account[edit]

Essentially my edits to Wikipedia to date have been to simply clean up factual information which did not come across as clean. However because I have also found a large number of stubs and sites which require cleanup I decided that having my own account might encourage me to make more important changes that I feel are necessary.

A Little Bit About Me[edit]

I am a mathematician by trade, but my more unique expertise lies in articles dealing in 1920's and 1930's aviation within the United States, as I have access to my father's (an A&P who deals with antique and vintage aircraft as a hobby) rather extensive library of books on the subject.