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This is the user page of Gregg L. DesElms (username: Deselms) (Should be "DesElms" but Wikipedia won't allow the middle capital "E")

I mostly just created this user page because I noticed that my username was always in red throughout Wikidpedia... meaning, of course, that there's no page for it. I let it go that way for a long time, 'til I finally got sick of seeing it. I said to myself, "Self, other people around here seem to have a user page, so maybe you should, too." (Yes, I sometimes talk to myself; I just try to never answer.)

This, then, is it... my user page, I mean; and so now my username isn't red anymore. Believe it or not, that's all I really started out to achieve by even typing anything here.

However, as long as I'm going to the trouble, here's some other barely-worth-reading stream of thought and/or consciousness (aka, babble)...

I use my real last name as my username around here (though the Wikipedia username system rules wouldn't let me capitalize the "E" in the middle, like it's supposed to be); and I always sign everything with my real full name. No aliases or handles for me! It seems to me that if one's going to write something on the Internet/online, then one should have the courage to sign it with his/her real name. Only if anonymity of the sort which our (United States) founding fathers found necessary in their pamphleteering and posting of bills in order to get out their anti-government message without incurring government's wrath were necessary would I find online anonymity even remotely acceptable. If there were legitimate danger of harm coming to me because of my writing, then I suppose I'd at least consider anonymity; but even then, I'd have to think long and hard on it before I'd ever actually do it. All persons, in my opinion, should wear their writings -- whether or not online -- with at least responsibility, and hopefully also with pride... as I do (unless, again, there's a compelling reason why they shouldn't).

In keeping therewith, here is my full, real-world contact information (which has been public and "out there" for years, and so I have no hesitation to provide it here; plus I have many real-life safeguards in place to ensure that one's knowing it could not help one to harm me in any way):

Gregg L. DesElms
895 Jackson St., #319
Napa CA 94559-1321
1-877-383-5148 (toll-free voice)
(206) 984-1288 (fax)
gregg at greggdeselms dot com (email)

And here's my bio, over on Newsvine:
(at the bottom of which is other contact info)

Oh... and my card, if that's of any interest:

So, then... [sigh]

[long silence] okay...

...maybe I'll go look at others' user pages and see what else I'm supposed to put here. If I don't change it then maybe I'll have decided that this is good enough... either that, or I just either got too busy to circle back, or forgot. And regarding that last one, if you hear hoofbeats, don't assume zebras: At my age, that forgetting thing is happening more and more often!



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