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"DesireCampbell" is the pathetically unimaginative Internet handle of the twenty-something Canadian Desire Campbell, uh, me.

Wiki style[edit]

I guess a bit about my style of editing would be appropriate here.

I prefer consensus over majority, and discussion over voting. I believe that any disagreement can be solved by discussing the issue to determine how to better an article.

I use that term specifically; "better". It is intentionally ambiguous. What I deem to be "better" is probably not what you would deem "better". That disagreement is the very cornerstone of a wiki system. It's how we make better articles.

My idea of "better" hinges on correctness. I try to stay within the Wikipedia policies and guidelines, as well as any appropriate Wiki Projects, but my first and foremost loyalty is to truth.

Also, I am a firm believer in 'assume good faith'. Any piece of information should be taken at face value and assumed to be correct, that is, not everything need be cited and verified. We don't need a reference link at the end of every sentence. That said, any point that is contested needs to be, at very least, explained or, further, verified and cited.

In that same vein, I believe it is important to discuss any major (read: more than grammar) change on the article's talk page. Noone should assume they know what they're talking about, and every time you seek to change an article, such reform should be brought before the community first.

When in a discussion, debating what is "best" for the article, one should never take a "side". This is not a schoolyard, we're not fighting. We're adults trying to discuss an important issue. Noone here is infallible, everyone is mistaken on one issue or another. The important thing is to keep an open mind, and be able to accept that your initial thought process could be flawed.

Non-Account Edits[edit]

Before I decided to take the plunge and sign up, I edited anonymously (mostly Talk pages and little fixes) so I'll link here to the IP contributions I can claim as my own.


In the 'real world' I do a bit of everything. Nothing really noteworthy: I'm working, I'm learning, I'm aging - the same as everyone else. Though perhaps it should be noted that I am a member of my local Kinsmen club, where I have learned much about discussion and how to deal with differences of opinion regarding policies and guidelines.


If, for some strange reason, you'd like to get a hold of me you can email me, or try my Talk Page.

little note[edit]

Apparently I should mention that though I do indeed have a girl's name, I am, in fact, a dude.

WikiProject Dragon Ball[edit]

Pack Ratism[edit]