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Welcome to my Userpage. I haven't been in for more than two years now. I have a life. These are my fortes:

  • Martial Arts
  • Seduction and Dating
  • Video Games
  • Physics in general, Time (travel) in specific
  • Online Pornstars

There are dozens of other Wikipedians, come here only if yo have nowhere else to go. Otherwise keep off the property!!

Picture of the day
3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is a home video game console platform developed by The 3DO Company. Conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, the 3DO was not a console manufactured by the company itself, but a series of specifications, originally designed by Dave Needle and R. J. Mical of New Technologies Group, that could be licensed by third parties. Despite a highly promoted launch and a host of cutting-edge technologies, it was discontinued in late 1996, three years after its first release.

Photograph: Evan-Amos
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