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The reason I created this page was because I didn't want to crowd up my watchlist with articles that I consider interesting, but I'm not editing, criticising, that are not helping me with research, etc. Not everything I write here is in Wikipedia, and some could be used to create or expand stubs. I have tried when possible to include an external link to make things easier, but if there is no link try using Google Suggest or check here for other resources.

(See also User talk:Dessydes/To be sorted and worked on later for more ideas). As a side note, I try to keep things in a particular order because, great as it is, Wikipedia is prone to inaccuracies and most of these have been looked at from other sources (as well as wikipedia). I try to update this on a semi-regular basis.

So these are the articles I consider interesting:

Contents: Top -

1 Military History and Development 2 New Age 2.1 Breathing 2.2 Posture 3 Science and Technology 4 Guy Stuff 4.1 Porn 5 Good Websites Random Stuff

Military History and Development[edit]

Guerilla warfare[edit]


New Age[edit]

I really don't know what to make of the new age movement and their relationship with science. On the one hand they have some really good ideas on psychology, health and lifestyle that science doesn't approve of. I really don't get why scientists always lambast the unconventional, forgetting that the unconventional WAS SCIENCE at one point in our superstitious past. On the other hand I hate the way New Agers tend to look at wierd reasons for things that often would have simple answers such as the shape of pyramids. Anyway, this is mainly about lifestyle.



Neuro-linguistic programming, Hypnosis, etc[edit]

Guy Stuff[edit]