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Hi, I'm Deus Ex (not my real name of course!). I made my first edit as a registered user on the 13th of March 2004, having made a few edits before as an anon IP. As of October 2005, I will not be active in Wikipedia editing for the foreseeable future. I cannot justify spending significant amounts of time on Wikipedia. I am also beginning to become frustrated by the lack of direction and progress-to become a truly reliable encyclopaedia, Wikipedia must have stable versions of important articles verified by qualified experts. The fact that the entry on Jimbo Wales himself contained inaccuracies that were not corrected until he personally intervened ([1]) is a great example of the problem with Wikipedia-in the current set up, it is simply not reliable enough to be considered an encyclopaedia.Deus Ex 00:55, 31 October 2005 (UTC)

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