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Bonjour, Hola, Shalom, Et Cetera[edit]

Shalom. I am Jonathan, alias Yex, alias Deus Homoni [from Deus (God) and Homo (Man)].

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Location Here:

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Religion: I am a jew by birthright; my personal beleifs combine aspects of judaism/Islam, Hinduism, and, to a lesser extent, several other religions, most notably druidism and rastafarianism. I am quite spirtual, though I beleive spiritualaty should be maintained on the personal level, rather than through "organized" religion.

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Druidism This user is a Druid.
FSM Logo white.svg This user believes that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is as likely as creationism.
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As a sort of sidenote, I might add that I have always greatly admired both the greco-roman figure Prometheus, and the Judeo-Christian figure of Lucifer. I sort of identify with both, in that they defy an order they see unjust, they try to aid mankind, and for it, they are punished. And as a sidenote to my sidenote, I would like to say that I do not wish to imply that I am a satanist; for satanism, like the two philosophies it encompasses (Hedonism, Nihilism), recognizes the fact that man is inherently evil (and he is), but then, rather then say that man should deny his animalistic nature, or be forced to deny it by a benevolent outside force (as hobbes and voltaire do; see below), satanism (and hedonism, and nihilism) try to say that there is nothing wrong with it, or worse, that man is at his best in this animalistic state. I wholeheartedly reject this view. Rather, I see Prometheus and Lucifer as individuals which seek to elevate mankind into a state of enlightenment, but who do so against the will of, so to speak, the powers that be, powers which seek to keep man base, primitive, and animalistic (and therefore, satanists miss the point of the Lucifer myth completely).

Political Alignment: I am a marxist, a leninist, and a trotskyite, with anarchist tendencies. I am also influenced by anarcho-syndicalism & the IWW. Some of my ideas are also built off of the thoughts of voltaire and hobbes.

Karl Marx.jpg This user subscribes to a Marxian interpretation of economics.

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Intersts Music (see below), Literature (one of these days when I'm less lazy, I'll put a section in for this, too), chess, films (which I'll also eventually add a section for), philosophy, love, life.

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Language: Yeah, I'm boring, and I only speak english (though I know a fair amount of spanish, a smattering of hebrew).



I will list a great number of bands/artists I like, but I will surely forget many of them, as my interest in music is very great and widely ranged. Note that in all of the below catogories there are far more bands/artists than I could possibly list, so there's bound to be many not listed there that I adore.

Folk Music/Blues: Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Cisco Houston, Leadbelly, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Michelle Shocked, The Mamas and the Papas, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Mystic Journey, Country Joe and the Fish, Utah Philips

Peace symbol.svg This is a hippie.

Jazz: Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Django Reinhardt Brian Setzer Orchestra Billie Holiday Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Miles Davis

Rock and Roll: The Beatles, John Lennon (solo and w/ Plastic Ono Band), George Harrison (solo), of Montreal, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Cake, The Pillows

Ska: The Aquabats, The Slackers, Reel Big Fish, The Skatalites, The Selecter, Madness The Specials

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Reggae Bob Marley, ResiNation

Klezmer: The Burning Bush, The Klezmatics, The Klezmer Conservatory Band

Other: Ravi Shankar, Paul Robeson, Noel Coward, Spike Jones


J.D. Salinger, Kafka, and a billion more that I will write when I sit down and make my literature and Film sections.

Comic Books[edit]

In general, I hate comic books. There are two exceptions I can think of, though: Transmetropolitan, and the Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics from the 60s, where Green Lantern is a conservative asshole and Green Arrow is a radical/liberal activist.


Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, most other stuff by Kubrick anything with Charlie Chaplin, anything with the Marx Brothers, anything Monty Python, the Star Wars movies (the first three, not these new ones, which are terrible), The Italian Job (the one with Noel Coward, not the new one, which is really bad), Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (one of the only action movies I can stand), an old Indian film about a poet (the name of which eludes me at the moment, I'll put it up later), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, The Motorcycle Diaries, other stuff I'll put up later.

Contact Info[edit]


AIM sn: Trotskyitehippie

My articles[edit]

I havn't made much, but here are the articles I have created or heavily contributed to as of yet:

(These first two I made before I had this account, and they remain stubs until I can find some more about them:Young Kikuyu Association, Kita Ikki).

The Bourgeois Blues, Edward Sperling, The Patriot Game


Slutzk (well, it seems someone beat me to it. But I'd still like to make this into a full-fledged article, using my knowledge of Slutzk); Li Shih-Chen/Li Shizhen[1]; Comedy Sportz; and bands/artists/etc above which are red.

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