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I have been working on creating stubs for various train stations in Japan. Here is a complete list of the station pages I have created, please feel free to add as much content to them as you can!


Osaka Municipal Subway[edit]

Midōsuji Line[edit]

Tanimachi Line[edit]

Yotsubashi Line[edit]

Chūō Line[edit]

Sennichimae Line[edit]

Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line[edit]

Imazatosuji Line[edit]

Nankō Port Town Line[edit]

Osaka Monorail[edit]

Osaka Monorail Main Line[edit]

Osaka Monorail Saito Line[edit]

Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway[edit]

Namboku Line[edit]

West Japan Railway Company[edit]

Osaka Higashi Line[edit]

Gakkentoshi Line[edit]

Osaka Loop Line[edit]

Biwako Line[edit]

Kosei Line[edit]

Sagano Line[edit]

Yamatoji Line[edit]

Kusatsu Line[edit]

Sanin Main Line[edit]

Kansai Main Line[edit]

Sakurai Line[edit]

Maizuru Line[edit]

Fukuchiyama Line[edit]

Bantan Line[edit]

Wakayama Line[edit]

JR Kobe Line[edit]

Wadamisaki Line[edit]

Kakogawa Line[edit]

Nara Line[edit]

Kisei Main Line[edit]

Takayama Main Line[edit]

Akō Line[edit]

Sanyō Main Line[edit]

Sanyō Shinkansen[edit]

Fukuen Line[edit]

Kure Line[edit]

Gantoku Line[edit]

Ube Line[edit]

Onoda Line[edit]

Kishin Line[edit]

Inbi Line[edit]

Tsuyama Line[edit]

Hanwa Line[edit]

JR Kyoto Line[edit]

JR Tōzai Line[edit]

Sakurajima Line[edit]

Hakubi Line[edit]

Hokuriku Main Line[edit]

Nanao Line[edit]

Uno Line[edit]

Honshi-Bisan Line[edit]

Himi Line[edit]

Jōhana Line[edit]

Kabe Line[edit]

Kibi Line[edit]

Kisuki Line[edit]

Mine Line[edit]

Obama Line[edit]

Ōito Line[edit]

Sakai Line[edit]

Sankō Line[edit]

Yamaguchi Line[edit]


Kintetsu Keihanna Line[edit]

Kintetsu Osaka Line[edit]

Kintetsu Domyoji Line[edit]

Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line[edit]

Kintetsu Shigi Line[edit]

Kintetsu Nagoya Line[edit]

Kintetsu Yamada Line[edit]

Iga Railway Iga Line[edit]

Kintetsu Gose Line[edit]

Kintetsu Yoshino Line[edit]

Kintetsu Nishi-Shigi Cable Line[edit]

Kintetsu Nagano Line[edit]

Kintetsu Ikoma Line[edit]

Kintetsu Tawaramoto Line[edit]

Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Line[edit]

Keihan Electric Railway[edit]

Keihan Main Line[edit]

Keihan Keishin Line[edit]

Ishiyama Sakamoto Line[edit]

Keihan Uji Line[edit]

Keihan Cable Line[edit]

Keihan Katano Line[edit]

Hanshin Electric Railway[edit]

Hanshin Namba Line[edit]

Hanshin Main Line[edit]

Hanshin Mukogawa Line[edit]

Osaka Prefectural Urban Development[edit]

Semboku Rapid Railway[edit]

Hankyu Railway[edit]

Hankyu Senri Line[edit]

Hankyu Kyoto Line[edit]

Hankyu Imazu Line[edit]

Hankyū Kōbe Main Line[edit]

Hankyū Itami Line[edit]

Hankyū Kōyō Line[edit]

Hankyū Minoo Line[edit]

Hankyū Arashiyama Line[edit]

Kyoto Municipal Subway[edit]

Karasuma Line[edit]

Tōzai Line (Kyoto)[edit]

Ohmi Railway[edit]

Ohmi Railway Main Line[edit]

Ohmi Railway Yōkaichi Line[edit]

Ohmi Railway Taga Line[edit]

Central Japan Railway Company[edit]

Kansai Main Line[edit]

Kisei Main Line[edit]

Sangū Line[edit]

Chūō Main Line[edit]

Tōkaidō Main Line[edit]

Taita Line[edit]

Minobu Line[edit]

Taketoyo Line[edit]

Takayama Main Line[edit]

Iida Line[edit]

Meishō Line[edit]

Kitakinki Tango Railroad[edit]

Miyazu Line[edit]

Miyafuku Line[edit]

Kobe Electric Railway[edit]

Shintetsu Sanda Line[edit]

Shintetsu Ao Line[edit]

Shintetsu Arima Line[edit]

Shintetsu Koen-Toshi Line[edit]

Nankai Electric Railway[edit]

Nankai Kōya Line[edit]

Nankai Main Line[edit]

Nankai Takashinohama Line[edit]

Nankai Tanagawa Line[edit]

Nankai Kada Line[edit]

Nankai Wakayamakō Line[edit]

Hokkaido Railway Company[edit]

Sekihoku Main Line[edit]

Chitose Line[edit]

Hakodate Main Line[edit]

Muroran Main Line[edit]

Nemuro Main Line[edit]

Sekishō Line[edit]

Esashi Line[edit]

Hidaka Main Line[edit]

Kaikyō Line[edit]

Rumoi Main Line[edit]

Sasshō Line[edit]

Senmō Main Line[edit]

Sōya Main Line[edit]

Kobe Municipal Subway[edit]

Seishin-Yamate Line[edit]

Kaigan Line[edit]

Miki Railway[edit]

Miki Railway Miki Line[edit]

Hōjō Railway[edit]

Hōjō Railway Hōjō Line[edit]

Eizan Electric Railway[edit]

Eizan Main Line[edit]

Kurama Line[edit]

Hieizan Railway[edit]

Sakamoto Cable[edit]

Nagoya Municipal Subway[edit]

Higashiyama Line[edit]

Tsurumai Line[edit]

Meijō Line[edit]

Sakura-dōri Line[edit]

Kamiiida Line[edit]

Meikō Line[edit]

Yōrō Railway[edit]

Yōrō Railway Yōrō Line[edit]

Nagoya Railroad[edit]

Meitetsu Bisai Line[edit]

Meitetsu Inuyama Line[edit]

Meitetsu Toyota Line[edit]

Meitetsu Seto Line[edit]

Meitetsu Komaki Line[edit]

Meitetsu Tsushima Line[edit]

Meitetsu Hiromi Line[edit]

Monkey Park Monorail Line[edit]

Meitetsu Kakamigahara Line[edit]

Meitetsu Mikawa Line[edit]

Meitetsu Gamagōri Line[edit]

Meitetsu Nishio Line[edit]

Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line[edit]

Meitetsu Takehana Line[edit]

Meitetsu Hashima Line[edit]

Meitetsu Chikkō Line[edit]

Meitetsu Tokoname Line[edit]

Meitetsu Airport Line[edit]

Meitetsu Kōwa Line[edit]

Meitetsu Chita New Line[edit]

Meitetsu Toyokawa Line[edit]

Ise Railway[edit]

Ise Railway Ise Line[edit]

Mizuma Railway[edit]

Mizuma Railway Mizuma Line[edit]

Sanyo Electric Railway[edit]

Sanyo Electric Railway Main Line[edit]

Sanyo Railway Aboshi Line[edit]

Aichi Rapid Transit[edit]


Nagoya Guideway Bus[edit]

Yutorito Line[edit]

Kobe Rapid Transit Railway[edit]

Namboku Line (Kobe)[edit]

Tōzai Line (Kobe)[edit]

Aichi Loop Railway[edit]

Aichi Loop Line[edit]

Kishū Railway[edit]

Kishū Railway Line[edit]

Akechi Railroad[edit]

Akechi Railroad Akechi Line[edit]

Tōkai Transport Service Company[edit]

Tōkai Transport Service Jōhoku Line[edit]

Gakunan Railway[edit]

Gakunan Railway Line[edit]

Ōigawa Railway[edit]

Ōigawa Railway Ōigawa Main Line[edit]

Ōigawa Railway Ikawa Line[edit]

Tenryū Hamanako Railroad[edit]

Tenryū Hamanako Railroad Tenryū Hamanako Line[edit]

Tarumi Railway[edit]

Tarumi Railway Tarumi Line[edit]

Nagaragawa Railway[edit]

Nagaragawa Railway Etsumi-Nan Line[edit]

Kinuura Rinkai Railway[edit]

Kinuura Rinkai Railway Hekinan Line[edit]

Kinuura Rinkai Railway Handa Line[edit]

Enshū Railway[edit]

Enshū Railway Line[edit]

Chizu Express[edit]

Chizu Express Chizu Line[edit]

Ibara Railway[edit]

Ibara Railway Ibara Line[edit]

Nishikigawa Railway[edit]

Nishikigawa Railway Nishikigawa Seiryū Line[edit]

Wakasa Railway[edit]

Wakasa Railway Wakasa Line[edit]

Toyama Chihō Railway[edit]

Toyama Chihō Railway Main Line[edit]

Toyama Chihō Railway Fujikoshi Line[edit]

Toyama Chihō Railway Kamidaki Line[edit]

Toyama Chihō Railway Tateyama Line[edit]

Tateyama Kurobe Kankō[edit]

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route[edit]

Shikoku Railway Company[edit]

Honshi-Bisan Line[edit]

Yosan Line[edit]

Uchiko Line[edit]

Yodo Line[edit]

Dosan Line[edit]

Tokushima Line[edit]

Kōtoku Line[edit]

Naruto Line[edit]

Mugi Line[edit]

Tosa Kuroshio Railway[edit]

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Line[edit]

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Sukumo Line[edit]

Tosa Kuroshio Railway Asa Line[edit]

Tosa Electric Railway[edit]

Tosa Electric Railway Ino Line[edit]

Tosa Electric Railway Gomen Line[edit]

Tosa Electric Railway Sanbashi Line[edit]

Noto Railway[edit]

Nanao Line[edit]

Noto Railway Noto Line[edit]

East Japan Railway Company[edit]

Chūō Line (Rapid)[edit]

Musashino Line[edit]

Nambu Line[edit]

Mito Line[edit]

Jōban Line[edit]

Itsukaichi Line[edit]

Kawagoe Line[edit]

Keiyō Line[edit]

Narita Line[edit]

Sōbu Main Line[edit]

Kashima Line[edit]

Tōgane Line[edit]

Sotobō Line[edit]

Tōhoku Main Line[edit]

Karasuyama Line[edit]

Suigun Line[edit]

Ōme Line[edit]

Ryōmō Line[edit]

Saikyō Line[edit]

Uchibō Line[edit]

Yokohama Line[edit]

Yokosuka Line[edit]

Sōbu Line (Rapid)[edit]

Nikkō Line[edit]

Kururi Line[edit]

Agatsuma Line[edit]

Jōetsu Line[edit]

Shin'etsu Main Line[edit]

Echigo Line[edit]

Hakushin Line[edit]

Iiyama Line[edit]

Ban'etsu East Line[edit]

Ban'etsu West Line[edit]

Gonō Line[edit]

Hanawa Line[edit]

Iwaizumi Line[edit]

Kamaishi Line[edit]

Oga Line[edit]

Ōu Main Line[edit]

Tadami Line[edit]

Tazawako Line[edit]

Yamada Line[edit]

Saitama Railway[edit]

Saitama Rapid Railway Line[edit]

Hokusō Railway[edit]

Hokusō Line[edit]

Keio Electric Railway[edit]

Keiō Line[edit]

Keiō Sagamihara Line[edit]

Keiō Takao Line[edit]

Keiō Inokashira Line[edit]

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway[edit]

Shin-Keisei Line[edit]

Tōbu Railway[edit]

Tōbu Noda Line[edit]

Tōbu Nikkō Line[edit]

Tōbu Sano Line[edit]

Tōbu Kiryū Line[edit]

Tōbu Kinugawa Line[edit]

Tōbu Isesaki Line[edit]

Tōbu Kameido Line[edit]

Tōbu Daishi Line[edit]

Tōbu Utsunomiya Line[edit]

Tōbu Koizumi Line[edit]

Tōyō Rapid Railway[edit]

Tōyō Rapid Railway Line[edit]

Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company[edit]

Tsukuba Express[edit]

Kantō Railway[edit]

Jōsō Line[edit]

Ryūgasaki Line[edit]

Mooka Railway[edit]

Mooka Railway Mooka Line[edit]

Hitachinaka Kaihin Railway[edit]

Minato Line[edit]

Japan Freight Railway Company[edit]

Shinminato Line[edit]

Nose Electric Railway[edit]

Myōken Line[edit]

Nissei Line[edit]

Myōken Cable[edit]

Asa Kaigan Railway[edit]

Asa Kaigan Railway Asatō Line[edit]

Chiba Urban Monorail[edit]

Chiba Urban Monorail Line 1[edit]

Chiba Urban Monorail Line 2[edit]

Kashima Rinkai Railway[edit]

Kashima Rinkai Railway Kashima Rinkō Line[edit]

Kashima Rinkai Railway Ōarai Kashima Line[edit]

Watarase Keikoku Railway[edit]

Watarase Keikoku Railway Watarase Keikoku Line[edit]

Aizu Railway[edit]

Aizu Railway Aizu Line[edit]

Yagan Railway[edit]

Yagan Railway Aizu Kinugawa Line[edit]

Jōmō Electric Railway Company[edit]

Jōmō Line[edit]

Keihin Electric Express Railway[edit]

Keikyū Main Line[edit]

Keikyū Daishi Line[edit]

Keikyū Airport Line[edit]

Tokyo Monorail[edit]

Tokyo Monorail[edit]

Keisei Electric Railway[edit]

Keisei Oshiage Line[edit]

Keisei Chiba Line[edit]

Keisei Chihara Line[edit]

Keisei Kanamachi Line[edit]

Sagami Railway[edit]

Sagami Railway Izumino Line[edit]

Seibu Railway[edit]

Seibu Shinjuku Line[edit]

Seibu Tamagawa Line[edit]

Tokyo Metro[edit]

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line[edit]