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Hi, I'm DexDor (Dex for short) - (amongst other things) a male Wikipedia editor.

In Wikipedia I mainly wikignome - in particular to improve categorization of articles and making related changes (e.g. fixing WP:REFERS, splitting articles that are on more than one subject, adding links to Wiktionary/Commons etc).

My essays[edit]

Current projects[edit]

Category cleanup[edit]

I've been using category intersection to detect categories that are at an anomalous position in the category structure - e.g. being below both Category:Articles and Category:Help (a page can't be both encyclopedic content and a help page so there should be no categories for such pages). I chose 11 high level categories (Articles, Books, Dabs, Files, Help, ...); there are 55 combinations of any 2 of these categories (Article+Book, Article+Dab, Book+Dab, ...) -

  • 3 of the 55 are (I believe) valid combinations - Template+Wikiproject, User+Wikiproject, Essay+Wikiproject.
  • 31 of the 55 are empty (when last checked, down to depth 6). In some cases I've removed incorrect category links (sometimes replacing them with a correct link)[1] and deleting categories (e.g. at CFD).
  • Categories that are under both Category:Wikipedia redirects and another high level category (Category:Wikipedia templates, Category:Wikipedians, Category:WikiProjects) - these need further analysis/discussion/cleanup. Note: There are both pages in the category namespace that are redirects (e.g. Category:Wikipedians who like Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and category pages intended to contain redirects (example?).
  • The remainder are AB, AD, AF, AH, HE, HF, PF, TF, TH, UH, WH, AP, TP, WP, AT, UT, AW, FW - these need further analysis/discussion/cleanup.

I'm also using category intersection to detect individual pages that are mis-categorized (e.g. talk pages under Category:Articles), but it many cases it's necessary to sort out anomalies in the categorization of categories first.


  • DexDor's edit summary: wmflabs
  • Wikipedia article traffic statistics: grok

Odds and ends[edit]

  • Example of (presumably) badly translated stuff: "shipyard coat 57 tons of laughs of mundaca" (Mundaka wave as of 5 Sept 2013).

What DexDor does[edit]

Some of the things DexDor does:

And, of course, reverting vandalism and other non-constructive changes.

  1. ^ E.g. Category:Balochistan_templates was not under Category:Wikipedia templates.