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Hi, I'm DexDor (Dex for short) - (amongst other things) a male Wikipedia editor.

In Wikipedia I mainly wikignome - in particular to improve categorization of articles and making related changes (e.g. fixing WP:REFERS, splitting articles that are on more than one subject, adding links to Wiktionary/Commons etc).

My essays[edit]

Current projects[edit]


  • DexDor's edit summary: wmflabs
  • Wikipedia article traffic statistics: grok

Odds and ends[edit]

  • Example of (presumably) badly translated stuff: "shipyard coat 57 tons of laughs of mundaca" (Mundaka wave as of 5 Sept 2013).

What DexDor does[edit]

Some of the things DexDor does:

And, of course, reverting vandalism and other non-constructive changes.