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Name: Tom Vickery
Gender: Male
Location: Maine
Education: Attending Southern Maine Community College and the University of Southern Maine
Religion: Russell's teapot
Politics: Moderate Democrat
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PlayStation 2.
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Hello! I'm Deyyaz, otherwise known as Tom Vickery. I made my first Wikipedia contribution on May 7, 2005 and have been active on and off ever since. It must be noted that the vast majority of my first 1,500 edits can be considered questionable at best. Originally I was enthusiastic about contributing and evidently thought WP policies were suggestions and not rules. So, after an extended hiatus, I am back in a more modest and rule-conscious form. My interests have evolved extensively since my initial edits and now encompass the History and Philosophy of Science, political science in all of its' incarnations (Public policy to Political Theory), Intellectual history, and linguistics. I still have an active interest in the American Civil War (especially Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine Regiment),Speculative literature, and the history of academia. I find the interplay between unrecognized fields such as cryptozoology and parapsychology and the established scientific community fascinating, and therefore I am also interested in fringe academics and scholars. I am a member of the Science and Academia Work Group, and am focusing on contributing biographies of scholars both deceased and living. I can personally vouch for the identity of Shardsofmetal.

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