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My name is David Gorsline and I live in Reston, Virginia. I am a software engineer employed by the Digital Media unit of NPR.

Currently working on[edit]

Articles I've started or expanded[edit]

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COI declarations and information[edit]

From time to time, I will suggest edits to the page for NPR, where I am employed as a software engineer in the Digital Media unit. As with all of my edits, I try my best to take a neutral point of view, free of marketing and advertorial content. I provide third-party citations needed for verification to the extent possible. I welcome any edits and feedback from the Wikipedia community in regards to my edits and suggested edits.

Things to do[edit]

  • Generally fill in gaps and build out the pages for American ornithologists, botanists, and other naturalists, especially women.
  • Get a definitive spelling of John Livzey Ridgway's middle name.
  • Master the layout of my userboxes.

Periodic maintenance and wikignoming[edit]

  • Clean up the references to "Smithsonian Institute." Most recent check: 4 October 2021
  • Clean up the references to "Brookings Institute." Most recent check: 6 April 2020


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