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Hello, I am Devin Gund and this is my Wikipedia user page, where I go under the username DGund. I will keep this page updated with information about me and my contributions to Wikipedia.


I aspire to apply my knowledge, leadership skills, technical expertise, and pragmatism to fix the many issues in our lives. I am currently majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering and International Relations & Politics at Carnegie Mellon University, class of 2018. I keep my personal website updated with my current projects, so have a look around!

My main objective with Wikipedia is to help augment it with my knowledge whenever I see that something is missing. Whether I feel the need to add an entire article, a paragraph of content, or even a simple fact or citation, I will work to improve the encyclopedia. Wikipedia has certainly been a helpful source of knowledge to me in the past, and so I will do my part to increase this wealth of information for the future.


See the user contributions page.

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