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<r ef>Cengel, Yunus A.; Boles, Michael A. (2002). Thermodynamics: an engineering approach. Boston: McGraw-Hill. p. 11. ISBN 0-07-238332-1.  </r ef>

WP Principles[edit]


Wikipedia:Coherence and cohesion


  1. Duality (mechanical engineering) relates to conjugate variable?
    Also see "entropy from the beginning" article
  2. unchecked strength of materials and failure-related stuff seems disorganized.
    Merge Rupture (engineering) to fracture
    Relate to Metallurgical failure analysis and necking, galling
  3. Template:Heat engines and Template:Piston engine configurations need to be refactored
  4. Ideal gas separate from Ideal gas law? (left alone)
  5. unchecked Ideal gas to be differentiated from "perfect gas" (see talk page)
  6. unchecked Entropy should explain why a weird d is used
  7. unchecked split "approaches to understanding entropy" to a new article?
  8. No article discussing thermodynamic/collecting concepts of volume. Gas volume is partial.
  9. unchecked Transport phenomena needs a reorg.
    unchecked Also add Boltzmann equation and some of what its lead discusses
  10. Thermodynamic process could use a diagram to illustrate the comment. Perhaps [1] ?
  11. [2] could be a good example for thermodynamic cycle to illustrate the applications?
  12. unchecked Expand Transient state to cover other fields - electrical, heat transfer (see lumped capacitance model); add redirect from transient signal?
  13. unchecked Does the intro to fluid mechanics really make sense?
  14. unchecked viscosity and non-newtonian fluid have some overlap in the summaries of viscosity types
  15. random floating image w/o caption at top of deformation (engineering)
  16. unchecked Expand resilience eg [3]
  17. Interfacial thermal resistance and Thermal contact conductance linked with heat transfer / conduction?
  18. unchecked Flow work or energy or... Boles p. 147. See [4]
  19. unchecked Specific quantity and see Specific energy
  20. unchecked Improve thermodynamic square based on references already listed.
  21. unchecked Thermodynamic diagrams needs work
  22. unchecked Was the Giant's Causeway caused by convection? Seems no explanation is clear yet:
  23. unchecked Auto spelling Am/Br as in MOS discussion
  24. unchecked Is frost heaving the same as "growing rocks" in New England? WP is not clear. Rel: [5]
  25. User:Dhollm/Electrostatic fluid accelerator
    Link to Thermal management of electronic devices and systems
  26. User:Dhollm/beam theory (de) Hopeless
  27. unchecked Navbox in thermocouple?
  28. unchecked Some of the summary material in thermodynamics is better than the main articles
  29. unchecked All the thermodynamic cycles should have a diagram like the ideal cycle example given
  30. unchecked The enormous random list at [6]
  31. unchecked [7] has an illustration useful in the thermo articles
  32. unchecked Some of [8] or [9] may deserve the thermo navbox? Also Specific energy and Specific kinetic energy and [10]
  33. unchecked Differences between Temperature and thermodynamic temperature are unclear. Temp article hatnote says thermodynamic property
  34. unchecked List of elementary physics formulae and Elementary physics formulae redundant.
  35. Also List of common physics notations and Variables and some constants commonly used in physics
  36. unchecked Entropy (energy dispersal) in navbox philosophy?
  37. unchecked Thermo devices: Diffuser (thermodynamics), nozzle, Joule–Thomson effect, etc. - these are not covered in the navbox in any way
  38. unchecked No article on Superheated vapor
  39. Synch List of states of matter and Template:states of matter
  40. Merger of list of and states of matter?
  41. unchecked Inclusion of abstinence on repro [13]
  42. unchecked Polytropic process gamma section makes no sense
  43. unchecked A thermo sign convention box or article might be useful. See here.
  44. unchecked Moving of sections of stress (mechanics) to other articles?
    Continuum mechanics forces, and Euler's laws.
    stress analysis related material
    unchecked "alternative measures of stress" has its own article already (don't understand well enough to merge)
  45. unchecked Various mergeintos for deformation (mechanics)?

Todos (done)[edit]

  1. Resilience linked with stress/deformation?
  2. Merge Thermal expansion
  3. Consolidate material on analogies among transport phenomena. See:
  4. Merge convection cell and benard cell?
    • Good resource: [14]
      Convection cell is a general term for any cyclic motion caused by convection
      A Bernard cell is a particular case of this when Rayleigh-Bernard convection is occurring (heating from bottom of two || plates)
      Ref cites much confusion over the naming of related phenomena due to the combination of free convection and surface tension effects, discovered by different people
      Google has "benard cell" -rayleigh about 3900 times, but "Rayleigh-Bénard convection" about 220,000 times
  5. Copy edit Convection
  6. Transport phenomena disambig page goes away?
  7. Templatize the internal energy table - also used in [15] and heat
  8. Redundancy among property lists: List of thermodynamic properties, state function, Intensive and extensive properties, # Redundancy of conjugate variable lists
  9. Redundancy in the thermo potentials: thermodynamic potential, thermodynamics, conjugate variables, here, here2, Free entropy, here, here2, Thermodynamic free energy, template:thermodynamics
  10. Thermodynamic processes could use a summary table. Similar to the list at [16]. Also see ideal gas law and here, here3. Fixed but Not done as they were not all fully redundant and the first law stuff was removed
  11. In Gibbs free energy the section "What does the term ‘free’ mean?" is redundant to similar in free energy
  12. Should reversibility and irreversibility be merged? I don't actually think so
  13. Second law sections "Applications" and "Complex systems in Creationist arguments" seem to have some overlap
  14. What is the "Energy control systems" section doing in nuclear binding energy?  deleted
  15. Neutronium needs states of matter navbox? Not done
  16. Spread the recently created table describing types of systems around to other articles. The whole set of systems articles may need refactoring.
  17. Polytropic process layout could be improved
  18. Refactor thermo navbar to put all the system stuff together (state, processes, cycles) and the system properties together (state and process functions). This will highlight the relationship of the topics better and probably condense the navbar a bit.

PV work[edit]

This was useful to understand the work article a bit more:

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  • Lineal
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