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Important wiki pages[edit]

Pages which I have marked for delete[edit]

Useful Notes[edit]

Wikification process[edit]

  1. Category:Articles that need to be wikified
  2. Check if the article is a copyright violation. User:Kjkolb/Copyvio has a quick guide. for reporting violations:Wikipedia:Copyright problems.
  3. Check if another article already exists on this subject. Use the search button and create redirect.
  4. Add wikilinks. "[[" and "]]" Build the web and Make only links relevant to the context, A helpful tool for adding links is Can We Link It?.
  5. Format the lead. Create or improve the lead paragraph.
  6. Arrange section headers. Arrange section headers as described at Wikipedia:Guide to layout.
  7. Add an infobox if applicable. Add an Infobox if it is appropriate for the article.
  8. Remove the {{wikify}} tag. This will remove it from the list.
  9. Add other maintenance tags. Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup.
  10. Enhance your edit summary. :
Wikified as part of the [[WP:WWF|Wikification wikiproject]]!

Archive Process[edit]

  1. Go to the edit mode for the entire page.
  2. Cut the section which you want to archive including the heading.
  3. Now add {{archivebox|[[/Archive 1]]}} at the top of the page and save.
  4. Now click the red link Archive 1. It will open edit screen where paste the section which you cut.
  5. Save the page.
  • Instead of Archive 1 you can also use a topical name like : Article Naming Discussion
  • Only Archive those sections which are no longer active.