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The purpose of the Electronic Structure Task Force is to promote the writing and improvement of Wikipedia articles in the general area of electronic structure theory and methodology. It is an informal task force, not currently connected to any parent project, although this could change in the future. We hope that this project will help to focus the efforts of the electronic structure community to this task.


The areas that are intended to fall under the scope of this task force include:

  • Electronic structure theory, algorithms, and methods
  • Density functional theory and related methods
  • First-principles methods in computational materials science
  • Methods for calculation of excitations, response properties, and dynamics
  • Methods for realistic simulation of complex materials, nanostructures, and biomaterials
  • Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations, especially when based on quantum-mechanical forces and energies
  • Quantum chemistry as applied to condensed-matter systems

The subject matter is interdisciplinary, covering aspects of

The intended scope corresponds roughly to that of several conference and workshop series, including:


Participation in this project is open to all users who want to contribute. Optionally, add your name to the list of participants below using {{user|username}}. If you don't have a Wikipedia account yet, you can sign up here.

Article task lists[edit]

The following list gives various tasks needed to be performed and issues to be addressed in articles. Articles should be listed alphabetically for ease of identification. Please add or remove entries as needed.

Missing articles[edit]

  • Electron-phonon interaction
  • Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction

Articles in need of improvement[edit]

Articles under construction[edit]

If you have started work on writing or revising a page, put a note here so that others will know, and provide your username so others can contact you if needed.

Newly added articles[edit]

If you create a new Wikipedia article on this subject, please list the page here. Also, please remove an article from the list if you see that the page has been up for a few months.

Other tasks[edit]


Wikipedia has a concept of categories (see also help page) for categorizing articles and providing for cross-linking between them. For the purposes of this Task Force, the most important category is

Articles are flagged as belonging to this category by inserting the token [[Category:Electronic structure methods]] at the end of the article source. There is also a template for this category, which will automatically be shown in articles belonging to the category. On the other hand, the template only appears to list articles that have been explicitly added to it. Please edit the template so that entries are alphabetical and correspond to the list of articles belonging to the category as listed at Electronic Structure Methods. (Help needed: Is there a way to arrange for this to occur automatically?)

In many cases, it may be appropriate to list multiple categories that an article should belong to. Please also consider these, among others:


Please improve the cross-linking between articles where you see opportunities for doing so. In addition to doing this inside articles, consider adding a section "See also" as, for example, in the article on k.p perturbation theory.

Small changes[edit]

If you see something that doesn't look quite right when browsing an article, go in and fix it. There are many opportunities for small changes that will improve the overall quality of the coverage of our field.

How to edit Wikipedia[edit]

If you are new to editing Wikipedia, start by improving existing pages. On any Wikipedia page, click the "Edit" button (occasionally it may say "View source" instead) at the top of the page, and you will see the Wiki source. This is a good way to see how pages are written and see if you feel comfortable making changes. You can even make changes and click the "Show preview" button at the bottom. All this is harmless; no real changes are made unless "Save page" is eventually clicked.

It is recommended to create an an account and log in under your account before making changes. After editing, please fill in the "Edit summary" box before clicking "Save page".

Here are some pages with useful tips:

As you work, consider adding graphics to enliven your article.

Participant list[edit]

If you are interested in joining this effort, please add your username here.

Community resources and websites[edit]