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Shawn Jones
Also known as The Lovely Sparrows
Genres indie rock, folk rock, alternative rock, experimental rock, rock
Occupation(s) Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Record producer, Audio Engineer, Remixer
Instruments guitar, vocals, songwriting, electric guitar, classical guitar, melodica, saxophone, piano, organ, bass, sampler, keyboard, vocoder, synthesizer, Keyboard
Years active 1998–present
Labels Abandoned Love Records
Associated acts The Lovely Sparrows, The Jellydots[1]

Shawn Jones (born 1976[2] in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), also known as The Lovely Sparrows, is an American singer-songwriter. Jones began singing, songwriting, and playing the guitar in the Indie rock, Folk rock, alternative rock genres, at age 10. Shawn Jones studied music at Oklahoma City University and graduated with a degree in Jazz Performance. Jones is currently sings and writes for "The Lovely Sparrows", an Austin, Texas based indie rock band currently on Abandoned Love Records founded in 2005.[3][4] in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Career overview[edit]

Shawn Jones formed, The Lovely Sparrows in 2005. The Lovely Sparrows is the culmination of over a decade of slugging it out in the southwestern indie rock circuit. The earliest incarnation of the band, which can be heard on 2005’s self-released "Take Your Hats Off You Godless Bastards 7″, reveled in Pavement and Bob Pollard-style laconic fuzz pop. 2006's EP (Pulling Up Floors...) began the transition into more avant-garde finger picked folk music. 2008's full length (Bury the Cynics) continued to expand on these ideas and explored larger, more developed instrumental arrangements. He has been said to have a "gift for wordplay", with lyrics described as "brainy...startling imagery" ( Jones has recorded, toured and played with many bands over the last ten years. He releases the Lovely Sparrows albums with the label Abandoned Love Records, to which he remains signed today. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.[5][6][7] [8] [9] [10]


As The Lovely Sparrows:


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