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Maastricht University, 2015-05-06. Explaining the principles of Wikipedia for students with User:Taketa (left) and User:Romaine (right)


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Native Dutchie[edit]

  • Dutch is my native language. If interested, read my user page at Dutch wikipedia: (in Dutch)
  • Native English writers are kindly invited to take a critical look at the texts I contributed, and correct all mistakes!



Wikimania 2021 online[edit]

2021-08-13 to 17: see: Wikimania:User:Dick Bos, for some interesting things like the WikiJournals, CiteQ etc. etc.

May 2019 Maastricht[edit]

2019-05-08: Help Annemiek and Lies at Maastricht University, Marble class of FASOS, with Romaine.

January 2019 Amsterdam[edit]

Introduction for students at UBA-UvA - special collections on 28 January.

Spring 2018 Maastricht[edit]

We are "On Expedition" again!

25 May 2016 Maastricht[edit]

"On Expedition" with Romaine to Ernst and his students.

6 November 2015 Maastricht[edit]

start of the module Be Bold for two groups of students of Maastricht University. The module takes three weeks.

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Useful links[edit]

  • Wikimedia and universities by User:MartinPoulter & Nick Sheppard (2020)
  • c:File:Open Content - A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences.pdf by Till Kreutzer (dates back to 2014)
  • WP:PUS = potentially unreliable sources (2020-10-05)
  • check this out: "CiteGen" (2020-08-05)
  • Help:Using the Wayback Machine and Help:Archiving a source
  • Wikipedia:Editor's index to Wikipedia
  • Thomas Steiner's tool, free in Google webstore.
  • Policies and guidelines on en-wiki: Wikipedia:List_of_policies and Wikipedia:List_of_guidelines
  • Sandbox: Wikipedia:Sandbox
  • Manual of Style: Wikipedia:Manual of Style
  • Conversion template: Template:Convert; example: {{convert|641|acre|km2}} gives: 641 acres (2.59 km2)
  • ISSN template: Template:ISSN; example: {{ISSN|1171-7033}} gives: ISSN 1171-7033
  • Interwikimedia Links: Wikipedia:InterWikimedia_links
  • List of botanical authors: List_of_botanists_by_author_abbreviation
  • Gallery of Userboxes (UBX)
  • Redirects and Don't fix links to redirect pages
  • Example of a list with multiple Wikidata-links (created by Wittylama 2016-07-18)
  • About the so called "Pipe trick"


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