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Difference engine
Beware. I live.
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Hello, I'm Difference engine (diff for short). I've been on Wikipedia since 2006, but I have only really been active since 2014. I mostly work on articles related to history, particularly Chinese history. I also upload photographs to Wikimedia Commons, both my own and public domain works from the web. If there's anything in the Washington, D.C. area you need a picture of, feel free to request it on my talk page.

Stuff I've done[edit]

Articles I created:

Battle of Dalinghe, Imperial hunt of the Qing dynasty (DYK Feb 2015), Khalid Sheldrake, Kong Youde (DYK Nov 2014), Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum (DYK Dec 2014), Six Gentlemen (painting) (DYK Feb 2016), Sophia Delza

Articles I contributed significantly to, or rewrote:

Adelphi School (DYK July 2017), Baisao, Bigger Than Life, Chen Yuanyuan, Chongzhen Emperor, Dagger-axe, Dao (sword), Day for night (DYK Jul 2015), Eight Banners, Green tea, History of tea in Japan, Hongyipao, Imperial Guards (Qing China), Jixiao Xinshu, Lu Xun Park (Shanghai) (DYK May 2015), Macartney Embassy, Plain Yellow Banner, Ohel Rachel Synagogue (DYK Feb 2015), Qi Jiguang, Tang Hao, Wen Zhengming, Wuyi tea, Zu Dashou (DYK Oct 2014)


  • all my subpages
  • Pinyin: frequency of use of pinyin to render Chinese terms in the English language, compared to other romanizations