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I live in Boston and am a post-doc (my PhD is in neuroscience) at Boston University in Mike Hasselmo's lab. I also have a BA in computer science from Kalamazoo College.

I am very slowly adding neuroscience information to this site because, in general, the neuro stuff is pretty weak. I use wikipedia all the time for math information and computer science stuff and generally anything I need info on, but have always been disappointed by the lack of good brain information. I also (used to) spend a lot of time on the reference desk, but almost never am logged in, so I'm the one you see making most of the anon answers (I really ought to start logging in, I've answered many dozens of questions with various IP addresses).

Lately I've been doing slight tidying on food-related articles, as well as any random articles I come across.

Finally, I used to work on vandalism patrol when I had time.

I have a variety of other interests that I may list some time, but that should be plenty.