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Digitalcomms is Investis; an international, digital corporate communications company.

As a company that specialises in digital communications for listed companies, we are occasionally asked to update or correct information on Wikipedia concerning our clients (although we’re not afraid to contribute to other articles if we spot something we can help with).

We completely respect Wikipedia’s values and endeavour to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines and policies at all times. These guidelines state:

"Editing articles that you are affiliated with is not completely prohibited; you may do so as specified within the COI guideline, but you must follow our policies."

In accordance with the policies, we are adamant in refusing to make any edits that contravene these guidelines and, where possible, we ensure that any statement is backed up by a reliable, published source. We also make it absolutely clear to clients that we will not remove anything from any Wikipedia article that is true, however inconvenient for them it may be.

We are actively following the on-going debate around this difficult issue and in particular welcome the contribution being made by CREWE.

We want to be completely open about our membership of the Wikipedia community and welcome any and all criticism and discussion around changes and additions that we make.

Finally, we’re a social company so post a message and we’ll try and respond as quickly as we can.

Digitalcomms (talk) 16:00, 7 June 2012 (UTC)