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First off, welcome to Wikipedia! Great contributions to Donald Duck and all his relatives and associates. But there's a couple of things I've noticed that I've had to fix in every article so far which you should keep an eye out for in the future:

  • Don't indent paragraphs. This is wikipedia's way of doing preformatted text, and it makes the page look horrible.
  • It's "born," not "borned." Borned isn't a word as far as I know.
  • Put a space after the end of each sentence. Like the previous sentence, for example.

They're just minor things, but since they're consistently in need of correction I figured I'd take it to the source. -user:Bryan Derksen

I've emailed a gif of a family tree for the McDucks starting from Dingus McDuck to wikipedia; it should be showing up in The Clan McDuck when it gets posted. If there are any errors or omissions in it, I will be more than happy to make an updated version fixing them. Just giving you a heads-up. --user:Bryan Derksen

Whatever you do... Don't mess with my, Weng Weng. InternetHero (talk) 20:26, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

Hi. I hope this is the correct way to contact you - if not, please forgive and suggest a more appropriate way.

I have received an advisory about your new page on the Palace of Khudáyár Khán, which was on my watch list. I have already contributed a pic to the Kokand page. I have several pix of the KK palace at and would be happy to contribute if you think they would be helpful, but am loath to do all the work of uploading to Commons if they are not wanted. Could you kindly let me know, and I'll upload them. You can contact me directly on Best wishes. aqsakal 10:50, 18 March 2015 (UTC)