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Not Only Humanity[edit]

For many reasons, I'll continue to support your foundation, as I promised.

Harvard I'm planning to visit as soon as possible, factors permitting.

Looking forward to February 29. High hopes!

I'm not really gone, in spirit, but... I can't handle more than looking once in a while now.

In the future[edit]

I want to laugh at the absurdity of all of this. Many things will begin to change when I have a new name. My condition and appearance, while a major factor together, have always been, from a fundamental perspective, secondary. On their own, they can only make so much possible. Can anyone relate?

Edward Fíngin Ragnall Donovan (The middle pronounced roughly Finnian/Finyin Rannal.)

Pleasure to meet you!

Call me Teddy, if you like.

I love you.

More or less[edit]

I actually have managed to finish some articles, believe it or not. Some of those I list below still have expansion tags in them but don't necessarily require additional content, or require content it is too difficult for me to find, or which I am not responsible for adding.

  • O'Donovan family. Before joining Wikipedia I and a few others worked on this article, but I am responsible for over 90% of the content in it today. I have asked a very distant cousin from Clanloughlin to help me with Clan Loughlin and Ballymore but he hasn't yet, which I don't understand, especially because he's the one who runs the research company. In his defense the history of Clanloughlin, which is complicated, will be more difficult to write than for Clancahill. I don't have enough information.
  • Donnubán mac Cathail. I don't really need to discuss the Eóganachta and Dál gCais. About a hundred million Irish people around the world already know the story.
  • Cathal mac Donnubáin is finished.
  • Amlaíb Cenncairech. Finished. I could go on and on about his capture or recruitment and not say anything more.
  • O'Grady family. Relations of the modern O'Donovan lords, the O'Gradys are excellent people I am not responsible for discussing at length. This is up to them.
  • Morgan William II O'Donovan. I am not a close relation.
  • Morgan John Winthrop O'Donovan. Again.
  • Ivar of Limerick. He could use two more sections, but the article is now finished enough to read like it. Contributions to two existing sections made by User:Cavila and User:Finnrind.
  • Ivar of Waterford. Only needs polishing.
  • Ímar Ua Donnubáin. Only needs a picture of the ruins.
  • Éile. Respectable. Much more could be written but I am not responsible for it. These are not family.
  • Colonial families of Maryland. Some of Lady Gaga's ancestors were colonial Marylanders, but were adventuring small farmers who left after a few generations. They probably had some distant aristocratic origins, but not enough money to thrive in Maryland.
  • Carroll family. Needs more but the family or relations are responsible for that, not I. I did go to the trouble of uploading their arms for them.
  • O'Connell family. Very distant cousins.
  • Corcu Loígde. Difficult to pronounce. My O'Leary cousins are responsible for expanding their section. The O'Driscolls have already done theirs.
  • Dáirine. Informative but not my best work.
  • Dáire Cerbba. Good. Part of it is wrong but I was following the sources I had.
  • Uí Liatháin. The pedigree is problematic but " ."
  • Flaith. Close enough to finished for Wikipedia. I see no need for an extended linguistic discussion. And screw the footnotes for an article of this type. The DIL does the job.
  • Battle of Cathair Cuan. All there is to know for certain.
  • Dáire. As finished as I want it to be. This is actually the start of a paper I hope to have finished and published in the future. To go on would seriously violate WP:OR anyway.
  • Mairtine. The majority of this article was written by User:Fergananim after I created it.
  • Dublin Annals of Inisfallen. Honestly, there is little more to say about this oddity without going into specific entries.
  • Dáire Drechlethan. Perhaps a waste of article space, but well researched.
  • Corcu Duibne. I am responsible for the main discussion, User:Cuchullain for the legendary origins section, others for the pictures.
  • Déisi. I did not create this article but am one of the major contributors.
  • Darini. " " but am the principal author. This article is complete but requires improvements.
  • Dál Fiatach. Again, principal author.
  • Donal III O'Donovan. Sole author to date. Article assumed roughly 80% complete. I lack the background, sources, and time to proceed further. See Talk:Donal III O'Donovan.


Articles approaching completion which I'm responsible for finishing:


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