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Hi. I am Dina C 234. I am your average teenage girl, and a big Hollyoaks fan. I am new to Wikipedia, and have already made 44 edits. More of, I have been watching Hollyoaks since June 2008, and loved it ever since. I also like The Sims, and gaming. I have encountered some turns in my life, as I was physically abused by my stepfather, a victim of the eating disorder Bulimia etc. My fave film is Frozen. I do stage productions where I live. I am currently playing the role of Donna Noble in a stage production in York. I am a former cast member of a soap opera a drama group they made. I played the role Olivia Stan in the production. I decided to leave the role in March 2014, and was killed off in June. Anyway, I hope to speak to you all soon. X