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An under-rated method of classroom management for the teacher - Machiavelli's The Prince :)
Yes, it's true. I was born when they were still blowing atomic bombs above ground. WTF were they thinking?
File:Seilende nordlandsbåter.JPG
A modern day Nordland Boat from Bodø Norway from 2006. Not my Nordland, but a cool boat anyway... :)

Who am I[edit]

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My God, What I have done?[edit]

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What I like[edit]

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What I know[edit]

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What I want to know[edit]

How many Wikiusers are there?


Welcome to my Wiki Home Page...[edit]

I am a Sami-American and social studies teacher living in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul area of Minnesota. I am a graduate from the University of Minnesota, with a Bachelor of Arts in History; a licensed Social Studies teacher in the State of Minnesota, and a soon to be licensed in ESL/ELL (English as a Second Language/English Language Learners) for the same. In addition, I am a certified paralegal and have worked as such for several law firms.

As a paralegal, I have done volunteer work for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (Bosnian War Crimes Tribunal) in The Hague, and have worked as Senior Page at the Minnesota House of Representatives for several years.

I'm also a Nordland boat builder, lavvu maker, a Model T owner and driver, an avid sailor and winter camper (-57F/-50C. Embarrass, MN 2/3/1995 - Yes, it was cold...).[1] For Wikipedia, I can contribute and give an educated opinion, with sources to back it up, on the following (but not necessarily in this order):

  • US, Norwegian, European and World History
  • Minnesota Politics and History
  • Sami Culture
  • Byzantine Studies
  • Scandinavian boat building and Scandinavian Studies
  • Model T issues

Places I've been[edit]

Years/Months: United States Canada Germany Poland

Weeks: Turkey France Norway Mexico

Days: Belgium Netherlands Denmark Belize Guatemala

Contributions to Wikipedia[edit]


Although, this editor does like receiving recognition for his work, he doesn't go out looking for it.

Minor Barnstar.png The Minor Barnstar
By rearranging only two or three key phrases, you changed the Conservapedia article's lead section from awkward to elegant. Thank you! Fishal (talk) 13:28, 7 June 2008 (UTC)

Articles I have started[edit]

To date, I have started the following articles:

Sami Issues
Byzantine Issues
Minnesota and Lake Superior Regional Geography...
Other things that Catch My Attention...
In process or working on...

Articles that I have contributed[edit]

In addition, I have made significant contributions, or presently working on the following:

Sami Issues
Byzantine Issues
Other Things that Catch my Attention...

I love tags ...and Wikipedia:Userboxes

  • 2005: Minnesota state shutdown, during the first two weeks of July 2005[1]

Why there is proof that there is a God... King Oscar sardines.

  • These sardines are processed near the town where my family is from - Svolvær, Norway.
  • They are Kosher, which pleases my Jewish side of my family.
  • King Oscar's name is used with "special royal permission" from a king that granted independence to Norway. (okay, ignore the fact that the Norwegians revoked his kingship from the government in 1905, six months before resigned, but he could have made a mess of things by fighting it. Hoary, for us Norskies...)
  • They are actually the best tasting sardines on the market - and I don't work for them either...
  • Sardines are proof that there is a God, and that she Loves us.... :)






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Tags that I often use[edit]

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University of Minnesota

  1. ^ "Minnesota Experiences Unprecedented Government Shutdown Due to a Budget Deadlock". July 11, 2005.