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Examples of elegant winning clues include:-

Item gran arranged family slides in? (12, 2 words) [1]

for MAGIC LANTERN. This is an anagram of "item gran" with "clan" inside and gives a literal definition.

A possible representation of M. Hilda, yes? (9) [2]

for SHIELD-MAY. A shield-may is a woman warrior and the clue references ex-Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher with an anagram of "M Hilda yes".

Marlborough’s second crusher in conclusive quartet of victories (9) [3]

for RAMILLIES. Ramillies, in Chambers as a hat or wig, was also the second of Marborough’s four major victories in the War of the Spanish Succession.[4]. In the wordplay, Marlborough’s second is "a", "mill" is the crusher and these go inside "ries", the last four letters of "victories". The whole clue defines Ramillies, the battle.

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