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It is more than obvious that I am interested in history, mainly late Roman and Byzantine. military history, particularly battles and biographies are my favourites, because of laziness : it is much easier to work on short linear subjects instead of difficult, time-consuming generic topics.

Side-project: historical maps of the Classic, Roman and Byzantine era. See my account at Wikimedia Commons.

Feel free to come here and talk about such a subject if you think I could help with my limited abilities (be warned: my background is in Engineering, not Humanistics).

Some contributions[edit]

almost complete[edit]

Military : Battle of Abrittus, Battle of Naissus, Battle of Samarra, Battle of Mardia, Battle of the Utus, Battle of Placentia (271), Battle of Issus (194), Battle of Pavia (271)
Biographies: Gallienus
Other: Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World

partial contributions, need more work[edit]

Biographies :Macrianus Major, Valerius Valens, Leo V the Armenian (large parts), Julian the Apostate (just one section), Trebonianus Gallus, Spherical Objects (band) (hey, this is not history! :-)
Literature : Alexiad, Patrologia Graeca, Getica (Jordanes)
Military : Battle of Misiche, Battle of Samarra, Battle of the Masts, Battle of Versinikia (corrections and citations only), Domitian's Dacian War, Battle of Edessa
Other: Nicopolis ad Istrum (most of text), Bastarnae

Interest in public domain (out of copyright) stuff[edit]

Please leave a message if you can help me finding electronic versions of these:

  • 19th century researchers of medieval castles in Greece (Buchon, Hopf et al.)

Personal Info[edit]

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