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Hey, my name is DiplodocoidsruleMacronariansdrool. I am a diplodocoid supremacist, and I have been ever since I heard of the genocide that the horrible, evil macronarians commited when they wiped out all diplodocoids at the end of the Jurassic. I am just glad a few dicraeosaurids survived and some Cretaceous diplodocoids even managed to diversify and adapt under the tyrannical rule of the macronarians :(

I am relatively new, but I hope to contribute to the wonderful paleontological world of Wikipedia!

I live in Oxfordshire, England but I was born in Paddington and my dad's from Wales. If I recall correctly my mum's from Manchester. Such worldly heritage!

I am alright at art, but best in pencils, and would also hope to contribute to reconstructions of articles that are lacking them for the taxa (e.g. Hadrosaurus), if skeletal reconstructions are available.

However, I am doing a lot of work outside of Wikipedia right now so I may not always be available.

I have always been a far-off admirer of the paleontological articles here, and the ones about modern animals, and so I thought the best way to help would be

I guess I could be childish and say what my favourite dinosaurs are:


I have a soft spot for Sinosauropteryx prima and Apatosaurus louisae. S. prima because it was one of the earliest non-Archaeopteryx Mesozoic dinosaurs to be found with feathers, and kind of sparked the Yixian Formation 'Feathered Dinosaur Revolution'. Also because it just seems like an interesting and charismatic little dinosaur (in a strictly anthropomorphic sense) and because GMV 2123 is just a gorgeous fossil and apparently left John Ostrom "in a state of shock" when he heard about it. Brilliant.

A. louisae because come one. I love diplodocoids and A. louisae is among the chunkiest, which means even more diplodocoid to love!

Anything you need to ask, see my talk page.

Oh yes, anyone reading this, if you haven't already, you should immediately go and check out the blogs Tetrapod Zoology (durr), Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings, Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs and Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week (SVPOW.) I'm sure there are some others I've missed, but whatever. Also go on deviantart and just explore all the brilliant dinosaur reconstructions. Also go check out Matthew Witton's Flickr. Yeah. Go!