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Picture of the Day[edit]

Deutsche Mark
A one Deutsche Mark banknote issued by Allied-occupied Germany and circulated by the United States Army Command in 1948. This was the first of three issues of West German currency introduced that year. The Mark remained the official currency of West Germany until German reunification in 1990, then the official currency of Germany until the adoption of the Euro in 2002.Banknote: Allied-occupied Germany (image courtesy of the National Numismatic Collection, National Museum of American History)

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Here are some photos I have added to Wikipedia:

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These photos, contributed to Wikipedia from others, were fascinating in one way or another:

Good Info[edit]

The Signpost
5 August 2017

where does this appear?

Random Good Wikipedia Coding[edit]

Revolutionary Road[edit]

Award Category Recipient(s) Outcome
66th Golden Globe Awards Best Motion Picture – Drama Nominated
Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Leonardo DiCaprio Nominated
Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama Kate Winslet Won
Best Director – Motion Picture Sam Mendes Nominated
15th Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role – Motion Picture Kate Winslet Nominated
13th Annual Satellite Awards Top 10 Films of 2008 Won
Best Film – Drama Nominated
Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama Leonardo DiCaprio Nominated
Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture Michael Shannon Won
Best Adapted Screenplay Justin Haythe Nominated
Best Art Direction and Production Design Kristi Zea, Teresa Carriker-Thayer, John Kasarda, and Nicholas Lundy Nominated
St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards 2008 Best Actress Kate Winslet Won

Undergraduate Majors[edit]

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science
Collaborative Health and Human Services Biology
Global Studies Business Administration
Human Communication Computer Science and Information Technology
Integrated Studies Environmental Science, Technology & Policy
Liberal Studies Information Technology & Communication Design
Music Kinesiology
Psychology Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Teledramatic Arts and Technology
Visual and Public Arts
World Languages and Cultures