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.Some Reference Desk contributions are a shame to let disappear into the oblivion of the archives, so as of 2006 I've started to link to them here. This is a very limited selection, based on what I happen to have read and what I happen to find interesting. Feel free to make your own list and link to it at the bottom.

Ordering is chronological and in three sections, with the best at the top. Note that links to threads that have not been archived yet don't work yet. These appear in red.

These are also linked from my user page:

These aren't (but are quite interesting nevertheless):

  • Science - Light octaves: Could the eye perceive light octaves if only it could detect a wider range of colours? Half a year later, someone else asked the same question, with some different answers (the first of which went off in the wrong direction, but that is also educative).
  • Miscellaneous - Car stats 2005: Reasons for good public transportation in a nutshell. And some alternatives.
  • Science - China standards: Do the Chinese (one fifth of the world population) use the SI system? (Note: I said ISO, but meant SI.) Turns out they do to some extent, but use different names for the units.

A big gap in the chronology here, because I left the ref desk for half a year.

Another big gap in the chronology (I temporarily left because of the unobstructed actions of deletionists).

Not as interesting as the above, but worth keeping for various reasons.

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