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Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg This user is a Wikipedian.
Small scream.png This user wastes far too much time editing Wikipedia.
Public domain This user comes from Canada.
Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg This user is of Italian ancestry
Regione-Abruzzo-Stemma.svg This user is of Abruzzese ancestry.
Flag of Ukraine.svg This user is of Ukrainian ancestry.
Queen This user loves Queen!
DiscoBall.jpg This user likes disco music.
mankind This user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
CA This user uses
Canadian English spelling.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello semplice di italiano.
Edit-find-replace.svg This user is a new page patroller.
No Vandalism.svg This user has a zero tolerance policy on vandalism.
Face-angel.svg This user tries to do the right thing. If they make a mistake, please let them know.
Eq it-na pizza-margherita sep2005 sml.jpg This user prefers True Neapolitan Pizza. id2
Womanpower logo.svg This user is a feminist.
Chocolate spread.png This user eats Nutella.


Master Editor III
  • Awards and barnstars
  • I have also been assaulted by Grawp numerous times. I think this makes me famous.

Useful pages

Useful tags

  • {{imdb name|id=0000000|name=John Doe}}
  • {{subst:User:Discospinster/Notability}} ~~~~ | page
  • {{subst:User:Discospinster/Permission}} ~~~~ | page
  • {{subst:User:Discospinster/Draft}} | page
  • {{sockpuppet|SharkEmpress01|blocked}} | for Alli Live hoaxsters
  • {{div col|cols=}}
  • {{div col end}}
  • [[WP:WPSCH/AG#WNTI|what not to include in school articles]]
  • {{sockpuppet|Mikaela salas|blocked|evidence=[[Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Mikaela salas|SPI]]}}
  • {{sockpuppet|David Beals|blocked}} -- ceiling fan vandal
  • Wikipedia:Sockpuppet_investigations/Mauricio80 - hoax sports tournaments
  • {{sockpuppet|Plantagenet v|blocked=yes}} -- genre and royalty vandal