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This user wrote Peucedanum galbanum, a featured DYK. This user wrote Hertzoggie, a featured DYK.
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The Signpost
24 May 2018

I have an interest in history, historical sociology, economic history, international relations and public policy. Much of my editing tends to focus on articles about municipalities in the Western Cape and Northern Cape, international relations[a 1] From time to time I like to contribute to articles on South African and Chinese companies. Occasionally I dabble in editing China related articles, economics and public policy. The bulk of my editing seems to be about Africa related topics which I think is partly because I live there and partly because there is still so much to write about on Africa on Wikipedia.

I have a page on Wikimedia which you can see here and my user page on Meta-Wiki here. I also have a page on Wikicommons which you can see here.

I am also involved with Wikimedia chapter for South Africa and have helped organise the South African component of Wiki Loves Monuments in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 as well as a number of edit-a-thons and other Wikipedia editing outreach activities.

My real name is Douglas Scott and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I work for a non-profit organisation named The Safety Lab that focuses on high violence crime in at risk areas of the City of Cape Town. My job entails designing projects, designing and implement technology platforms, as well as help carry out research.


  • My Toolbox
  • My Wikipedia article to-do list (I don't use it much, more of a personal suggestion list than anything else)
  • My page on Commons

Committed identity: 9aa458396abb183740a5258c70b23a3ead4b665b38962e8dc3f320a5bacefd0f9795b3ff33ba571f4b4164ca10d02535a8ff858060ece0e56e35951e404ff056 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.


  1. ^ Most of my edits on international relations related topics tend to be on Sino-African bilateral relations and/or South African bilateral relations or other current affairs stuff.