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DisillusionedBitterAndKnackered is a mostly ex-user, of many years' experience, who is - ah, you guessed! - disillusioned, bitter and knackered.

I first edited this encyclopaedia in September 2002 and my attempts to give it up have not yet been wholly successful. In my worse moments I sometimes think of Wikipedia as a graveyard of creativity and common sense, into which I hoped to avoid once again being drawn, and I sometimes feel that I shouldn't really have this account at all. Ho hum. On the other hand, to be fair, I have other moments of thinking, er, hang on, this is quite good actually, and I like it. Tsk! Such indecision ...

And then I have other other moments of thinking, yes, I was right all the time about the graveyard.

  • Famous quote: "The collegial editing environment on Wikipedia would be just fine if it wasn't for all those other people."
  • Another quote: "its obvious you are stupid and you have no PH.D." This brilliant rejoinder deserves to be famous; I love it very much and intend to use it at every possible opportunity to quell dissent in editorial debates. Without even paying a license fee. This in so many ways represents the True Spirit of Wikipedia™.

Middlesbrough is not Middlesborough[edit]

Middlesbrough is not Middlesborough. Middlesbrough is in the north east of England. Middlesborough (or Middlesboro) is in Kentucky. The spellings are not interchangeable. Honest.

Seamless is not Seemless[edit]

Seamless is not Seemless. Please check the links. Seamless means without a seam - you know, a seam like a line of stitching or a seam of coal - so it's without a noticeable join. That's what all the editors writing "can be played back seamlessly with the crossfading backend" and other such marvellous things actually mean. It is seamless: it has no seam. You can't see the join. Seemless, on the other hand, is a Wretched Young Persons' Popular Music Ensemble™ which flourished 2002-2009. Seemless is not a real English word: it is a witty neologism like Beatles. Everyone knows what The Beatles are, but few people think that beetle is spelt otherwise. Similarly, most people - it is to be hoped - know that "seamless" is the correct spelling in precisely 99.78% of all cases. In general, I change "seemless" where it is blatantly a mistake, and leave it alone where it is or might be the word related to Wretched Young Persons' Popular Music™. OK? Goodoh! :)

Clement Attlee is not Clement Atlee[edit]

... nor any other misspelling. It would be nice to get this right. Really.

  • One A
  • Two Ts
  • One L
  • Two Es

Consensus is not Concensus[edit]

The one on the left is correct. The one on the right is a made-up spelling, or "wrong" as it is sometimes daringly termed. Consensus is related to consent, and has sweet FA to do with the census. Geddit? Good.

Drive-by tagging is evil, wrong and lazy[edit]

I think it's a spectacularly useless piece of editing to add an NPOV tag (and certain others) to an article without having the basic courtesy to go to the Talk page and explain what's wrong with it. People who do this should (1) look at what the NPOV tag actually says (because I must conclude, from their behaviour, that they have never actually bothered to do so) and (2) pop in and have a nice little read of WP:DRIVEBY where it says, inter alia:

It is not an act of "last resort" to drop in for three seconds to an article, tag it, and run away. If you do this, and I remove your lazy driveby tag, well, what did you expect? Look again: The editor who adds the tag must address the issues on the talk page. Simple enough, no?

Useful odds and ends[edit]

Committed identity[edit]

Committed identity: c96d8240883adb3dbc78f6b54baef9ddad594ae3504b35ca203fa30794dd1193d7e46289b2eafb34da82ba938a91f5559f64445da7694caafeea6618bf3bc6df is an SHA 512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

Stolen genius[edit]

My own safety copy of Foxhill's excellent page Internet reference sites accessible with a valid UK Library card.

Article blame[edit]

This is was very useful. (But the "official" one on the History page is pretty good too.)


Whatever. It's only an encyclopaedia.

Reminder 1[edit]

See above under "Whatever".

Reminder 2[edit]

For stress-related reasons it is better to stay away from contentious areas and stick to bunnies, kittens etc or whatever seems least likely to erupt into hissy fits. There are too many difficult people with too much time in their hands. It's a classic no-win/no-win situation.

Reminder 3[edit]

See above under "Whatever". Rinse and repeat.

Interesting stuff[edit]

Note: these are all nicked directly or indirectly from User:Jimmy Pitt.

Notes on getting angry on Wikipedia[edit]

Count to 10[edit]

Count to ten

And do it again[edit]

Lots more times

Pause a bit[edit]

Stop and Think What You're Doing

Make the most of it[edit]

Do something better with your time than getting angry with some person on the Interwebs.

At the end of the day[edit]

Actually, who gives a monkey's woo-wa?

Don't do it anyway[edit]

It is always always always better not to react. Really.

Notes to self[edit]

M 40; S 34; H 67; C 9 (1,0); H2;A!                                   .