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{{User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config}} instructs the Checklinks tool how refresh the caches pages on which it is transcluded. The listing is compiled into a report. Logs are found at

All parameters[edit]

<!-- See [[User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config/doc]] for setup instructions -->
| interval  = daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly
| generator = auto/heading/list/bold/all/regex
| htmlregex = (?P<page>...)
| convert   = subject/talk/none
| namespaces= 0, 100
| title     = Report link title (optional)
The reports are found at; where PAGENAMEE is the underscore name of the target page without the namespace.


Convert pages to their corresponding subject (default) or talk pages. Possible values are talk, subject, and None.
Specify the method to generate links. If the template is placed on a category it will check the pages and sub-category pages listed there. Possible values are:
auto (default)
test the options in the order below, if valid it will be used as the generator.
Links that are contained in headings. (e.g. ==[[Link]]==)
Links that are contained in both ordered and unordered lists. (e.g. * [[Link]] and # [[Link]])
links that are in bold. (e.g. [[link|'''title''']])
Link on the page including those that are transcluded.
Note: Links do not need to be in the wikitext of the page, they can be transcluded from other pages.
If used override the generator; specifies the regular expression for title from the HTML in a page. Title are captured from "page" group, e.g. (?P<page>...). See Python Library Reference Regular Expression Syntax. Simple examples:
Normal links: <a href="/wiki/(?P<page>[^"]*)" title="[^"]*">
Bold links: (<b>)?<a href="/wiki/(?P<page>[^"]*)" title="[^"]*">(?(1)|<b>)
The time in between re-caching of the same page, this value is limited to prevent abuse. Possible values are daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly (default) each with a maximum sustainable size of 22, 238, 672, 2400, and 18000 pages, respectively. Monthly or quarterly should be fine for most project, but for time critical processes such as WP:Featured article candidates weekly or daily can be used
DEPRECATED URL-encoded name of the page used if the page is transcluded elsewhere, as returned by {{PAGENAMEE}}
Comma separated list of namespace numbers, default is 0 (article namespace)
Specify a title for the external link pointing to the Checklinks cache. If empty, no link is produced


Headings links[edit]

<!-- See [[User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config/doc]] for setup instructions -->
* {{User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config
| interval = weekly
| generator = heading
| title = Checklinks
Used on {{FAC-instructions}} to re-caches pages linked from headers on the parent page Featured Article Candidates every 7 days.

Bold links[edit]

<!-- See [[User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config/doc]] for setup instructions -->
| name     = Peer_review
| interval = weekly
| generator = bold
| namespaces= 0
Used on Wikipedia:Peer review re-cache pages in namespace 0 (articles) every 7 days

All links[edit]

== Tools ==
<!-- See [[User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config/doc]] for setup instructions -->
* {{User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config | interval = quarterly }}
Re-caches linked pages every 90 days, note the <noinclude> tag.

Category links[edit]

<!-- See [[User:Dispenser/Checklinks/config/doc]] for setup instructions -->
| interval = monthly
| title    = External link status for Top Importance Louisville Articles
Re-caches pages in category every 30 days