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In short, I'm a full-time songwriter, record producer, arranger, performer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and even occasional web designer who is an alumn of Berklee College of Music living in the United States. I use Wikipedia for research and will occasionally contribute when something I'm looking for isn't here. My edits are usually related to musicians, albums, and record producers, as well as the occasional film topic or actress I like. I watch for conficts of interest, link spam and vandalism on the articles I've edited and occasionally help in the disambiguation or categorization of topics.

I have somehow exceeded 17,000 edits on the English Wikipedia since registering in 2005. The first articles I contributed to were Funk and Voodoo Chile. Articles I've started recently include: Lissy Trullie, Donora (band), S*A*M and Sluggo, Happythankyoumoreplease and Kush and Orange Juice.