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Swinhoe's Japalura[edit]

Swinhoe's Japalura (Japalura swinhonis) is a lizard species endemic to Taiwan.

Length 25-28cm (largest Japalura species). Endemic Taiwan endemic specie Information Japalura swinhonis has an unusually strong ability to adapt to man-made environments such that it can often be seen at schools, in parks or in orchards. The color of its body is mainly brown, while the color of Japalura swinhonis that lives in high-altitude mountains is green. The male has obvious yellow vertical spots. The underjaw has white spots (more subtle on the female). The belly is pale gray, and the external edge of its mouth is white. Summer is breeding season. During this time, the male will protect its territory. If other animals get too close to its territory, its body will hump, lifting the mane scales of the neck upright, and the color of its throat bag will become black and stretch down. These actions are intended mainly to scare away enemies. The color of the male Japalura swinhonis is totally different from the female, and essentially changes color with changing environment. Therefore, pay attention carefully to the color, lest you consider these to be different kinds of lizards.

Order SQUAMATA Family Agamidae