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I am concentrating on creating pages where Deathrock and Batcave bands have been left blank or where a page clearly needs additional information. I am also concentrating on Neu Deutsche Welle (NDW), with the intention of incorporating a lot of the German pages on these bands into English. Here are some pages I have created or drastically added to:

  • [The Last Days Of Jesus] - Created this page. A band I have worked with a few times and i know personally.
  • [The Phantom Limbs] - Expanded. This page was rather sparse and deserved more upto date info.
  • [Psydoll] - Created this page. A band I have worked with a few times and i know personally.
  • [Moffat] - Expanded. Just because it was my hometown...
  • [Nichts] - Creation of English language page. Translation and edit from the German language page [[1]]

It is my aim to create English language versions of these pages:

  1. Malaria!
  2. Neon Babies
  3. Hans-A-Plast
  4. Der Plan
  5. Male

Maybe these:

  1. Die Tödliche Doris
  2. The Wirtschaftswunder
  3. S.Y.P.H.
  4. Abwärts
  5. Palais Schaumburg
  6. Mittagspause
  7. Pyrolator
  8. Kosmonautentraum
  9. Sprung aus den Wolken
  10. Die Zimmermänner


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