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Other Anatomy Navbox templates[edit]

Compound Navbox Templates[edit]

Template Links to WP Category Created Links
{{Vertebral column and spinal cord}} {{Bones of torso}} {{spinal nerves}} Medicine Neurology 01/16/2008 2
{{Arteries}} {{Arteries of head and neck}} {{Arteries of chest}} {{Arteries of abdomen}} {{Arteries of upper limbs}} {{Arteries of lower limbs}} Anatomy Medicine Circulatory anatomy templates 08/27/2006 1
{{Neoplasms}} {{Tumors of lip, oral cavity and pharynx}} {{Digestive system neoplasia}} {{Respiratory tract neoplasia}} {{Thymus neoplasia}} {{Heart neoplasia}} {{Osseous and chondromatous tumors}} {{Skin cancer}} {{Soft tissue tumors and sarcomas}} {{Vascular tumors}} {{Breast neoplasia}} {{Genital neoplasia}} {{Urologic neoplasia}} {{Eye tumors}} {{Central nervous system tumors}} {{Endocrine gland neoplasia}} {{Hematological malignancy histology}} Medicine Oncology templates 05/09/2010 0
{{Symptoms and signs}} {{Cardiovascular system symptoms and signs}} {{Respiratory system symptoms and signs}} {{Digestive system and abdomen symptoms and signs}} {{Skin and subcutaneous tissue symptoms and signs}} {{Nervous and musculoskeletal system symptoms and signs}} {{Urinary system symptoms and signs}} {{Cognition, perception, emotional state and behaviour symptoms and signs}} {{Speech and voice symptoms and signs}} {{General symptoms and signs}} {{Symptoms concerning nutrition, metabolism and development}} (none) Medical symptoms and signs templates 03/26/2008 4
{{Eponymous medical signs}} {{Eponymous medical signs for cardiovascular system}} {{Eponymous medical signs for digestive system and general abdominal signs}} {{Eponymous medical signs for endocrinology}} {{Eponymous medical signs for eyes and ears}} {{Eponymous medical signs for hematology}} {{Eponymous medical signs for infectious disease}} {{Eponymous medical signs for integumentary system}} {{Eponymous medical signs for muscles and soft tissue}} {{Eponymous medical signs for nervous system}} {{Eponymous medical signs for oncology}} {{Eponymous medical signs for obstetrics}} {{Eponymous medical signs for reproductive system}} {{Eponymous medical signs for respiratory system}} {{Eponymous medical signs for skeletal system and joints}} {{Eponymous medical signs for urinary system}} (none) Medical symptoms and signs templates 12/12/2009 1
{{[[Template:|]]}} {{[[Template:|]]}} [[:Category:| ]]

Direct Navbox code in artricles[edit]

  • From article Nervous system
    • {{Navbox | name = Science | |title = Life Science | state = collapsed | list1 = {{Systems}} {{organ systems}} {{Nervous system physiology}} {{Membrane transport}} }}
    • {{Navbox | name = Biology | |title = Biology | state = collapsed | list1 = {{nervous system}} {{Somatosensory system}} {{Nervous tissue}} {{Development of nervous system}} }}
    • {{Navbox | name = Medical Science | |title = Medical Science | state = collapsed | list1 = {{Diseases of the nervous system}} {{Neurosurgical procedures}} }}